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  1. cropzy

    So - visiting Japan. Tips?

    Do fun2drive Rent a JDM legend from Omoren Driving is stupidly easy over there, nobody does the speed limit, just watch out for speed cameras Motorway is expensive as you have tolls Do touges and mountain passes If you are going for 2 weeks take around £2k spending money Jetlag will hit hard If you are going through dubai check laws and customs as they are super strict
  2. cropzy

    parts for sale

    How much for the intake collected?
  3. cropzy

    parts for sale

    so tempted but i dont have the cash atm. Need to get paid reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. cropzy

    parts for sale

    Are they rep OZ or legit?
  5. cropzy

    18x9.5 jr24 concave wheels

    Very tempted by this.
  6. cropzy

    TRD Exhaust centre pipe

    What have you done to yours as I really like the sound of yours accelerating.
  7. cropzy

    TRD Exhaust centre pipe

    So If I just go I want 2nd cat delete with non res centre pipe that should sort it.
  8. cropzy

    TRD Exhaust centre pipe

    Is that part of the centre pipe as well?
  9. cropzy

    TRD Exhaust centre pipe

    Is having 1 cat still legal? I want it loud and will 1 cat make it loud. It's the TRD quad exhaust system. I am not sure about the legality. There is a custom exhaust place near me. I might just take it in there and get what you said done and lose a cat. Quad Kinked enough that my right tips are more recessed then my left tips by quite a bit and it bugs me. Thought I might as well make it a bit more fun while I am at it. The kink has made one side of my exhaust a lot more recessed and it is doing my head in.
  10. Hi. So I need a new centre pipe as mine is kinked (thanks small bollards). I have the TRD exhaust system. I was wondering what centre pipe to get? Res or non res? Ideally I would like to make it louder, what would I need.
  11. cropzy


    Yeah it was at JPS. It's 100% genuine red TRD. It's even on the VIN and paperwork. Looking at prices 2014 TRD's with around 27k are going for nearly 17k. I have looked on autotrader. Does this seem about right?
  12. cropzy


    Hi. I don't know if this is in the right area but here goes: I am potentially getting a new car, something more powerful and would like my current 86 appraising, who better then the owners club to help me! I can give more in depth details if requested however I would just like a general idea. 2014 red TRD (Genuine red TRD, extremely little exist). 27k miles on clock FSH 2x keys passed MOT's with flying colours No issues ever had Only ever run on premuim fuel (mainly vpower) always kept clean and looked after Been to many shows Completely standard TRD model Toyo proxxes t1r all round with around 7mm of tread left Thinkware dashcam fitted Spare space saver wheel in boot.
  13. I'll give them a bell thanks!
  14. Hi. My car is due a service, it will be it's 4th service and I called to get a price from RRG Huddersfield. They said because it's it 4th service it's a major service and it will be £320. Does this seem right? It seems a bit steep. What would you guys recommend?
  15. cropzy

    Insurance renewal time

    Tried you and you were £400 more expensive then the policy I selected.