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  1. Wolds Warrior

    Newbie on the lookout!

    Yeah sure, that could be why. Either way, im exited at the prospect of getting one!
  2. Wolds Warrior

    Newbie on the lookout!

    Yeah, just looking at Autotrader & eBay, there is a decent selection. Plenty around the 50k odd miles, so thats maybe telling me that people get rid before the 60k service perhaps?
  3. Wolds Warrior

    Newbie on the lookout!

    Hi Lauren! Im looking forward to been one of the Gang
  4. Wolds Warrior

    Newbie on the lookout!

    Ahem....An Aygo! I did last years javelin Sprint Series in my Suzuki Swift Sport, and i bought the Aygo as a daily driver, and its impressed me that much with some small handling modiications, thta i thought sod it! ill use it for a couple of rounds
  5. Wolds Warrior

    Newbie on the lookout!

    Morning folks. Currently on the lookout for a GT86, so i thought id join up. This wont be my first Toyota but my first GT, so ill be interested to have a good trawl through and see whats to look out for when test driving etc. I compete in the Toyota Sprint Series, so there will be a high possibility of the GT getting used in that, and i know there is a few other competitors on here too, so hello! Hope to get to some meets etc once ive bought one. Cheers