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  1. Good to here, I’m TD turbo’d too and am hoping to get it done through RRG at some point.
  2. I am (with particular emphasis) considering selling my GT86. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it. But my life is taking a turn and it could be time to part ways with the girl. 2013 Toyota GT86 35,000 miles FSH with Toyota and Tuning Developments. The oil is changed every 5000 miles. 1 years MOT. The car is my absolute pride and joy and has always been looked after and maintained to my utmost best. Full warm up and cool down cycles, only ever fuelled with Shell V Power and detailed regularly. Now onto the meat and potatoes: Modifications Engine/Power Stage 2 Tuning Developments Turbo Kit with equal length manifold. (11k miles) Uprated fuel pump kit Uprated fuel injectors Exedy performance clutch Lightweight Flywheel. Moroso oil sump baffle plate Tuning Developments oil cooler Tuning developments overpipe, front pipe, Cobra resonated cat back. 337bhp at 8psi, 280bhp at 5 psi, selectable via the cruise control stalk. Chassis/Drivetrain/Brakes TEIN flex A coilovers SUMMIT front strut brace with master cylinder brace DDS 600bhp uprated drive shafts. SPC adjustable rear lower control arms. Eibach front camber bolts. EBC yellow stuff brake pads. Wheels/Tires XXR 527 18x8.75 offset 35 in flat black 235/40/18 Goodyear Eagle F1’s about 6k miles. Exterior/Misc HT Autos lip kit all around (crack on front lip repaired with cables ties) Crystal Eye smoked tail lights. Beat Sonic shark fin MTEC shifter springs Carbon fibre bonnet dampers Window tints all around. Black out Toyota emblems Interior trim pieces sprayed orange. OEM leather armrest. I am in no rush to sell just yet. But if this gauges any interest and has the right offer behind it then I will strongly consider parting with my pride and joy. It will continue to be used as a weekend driver so mileage will slowly increase. Location: Honington, Bury St Edmunds Will be available for viewings in the evenings and weekends. Price: This car has had a lot of money pumped through it and has always been well looked after. This considered I believe £18,000 seems a fair price. I’m happy to take any questions or queries you might have. Or if you want to see more pictures / vids, you can visit my Instagram. Instagram: wmm_93
  3. Will T8WMM

    Abbey Motorsport Ecutek Traction control

    Will this be available as an EcuTek EVI Module update that we can do at home? Or via the app? Or is it something we’d need to come in to have updated?
  4. Screamer pipe on full chat. I personally love it.
  5. Will T8WMM

    Jane's dipped interior

    Looks good. How did you manage to get the central top vent trim off?
  6. Will T8WMM

    Side skirts are here

    How do you install these? Does it come with hardware?
  7. Will T8WMM

    TRD Spoiler

    Doesn't look like it. I didn't think the TRD spoiler used bolts. Thought it was just 3M tape?
  8. Will T8WMM

    TRD Spoiler

    I think you'd be right. Ive found a UK based company called HZ Perforamce based in Leicestershire that sell the TRD style unpainted for £100 and free P+P http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-BRZ-Toyota-GT86-TR-Type-Boot-Spoiler-PU-PLASTIC-UK-STOCK-/122119323411?fits=Car+Make%3ASubaru|Model%3ABRZ&hash=item1c6ee0ff13:g:7CMAAOSw7FRWYYY-
  9. Will T8WMM

    TRD Spoiler

    It seems you can buy TRD "style" spoilers from the US pre painted here. Shipping costs are a pain though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272160594525?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true
  10. Will T8WMM

    TRD Spoiler

    I'm looking for a TRD spoiler too. Be perfect if someone's selling a ginger one?
  11. Will T8WMM

    Pub & Meet 27th December - Stoke

    I'll pop through but won't be eating
  12. Will T8WMM

    Open Day Spring 2017 @ Tuning Developments 16/04

    Was an awesome day last time so I'd be up for this. The bank holiday weekend would suit me better due to traveling 👍
  13. Will T8WMM

    Taking the FI plunge

    I too have had the privilege of being passenger in TD's 86. Like people are saying the power is nice and linear. It pulls hard right the way through to red line and in all gears. The delivery is very smooth unlike some turbo's I've be been in. Not forgetting how cool the turbo flutters are! I know where I'm going when I bite the bullet on FI.
  14. Only an hour away for me. I'm in!
  15. Will T8WMM

    Trolley Jack

    Differential and just in front of the skid plate are your central jacking points. All four corners on the pinch weld I would suggest using a cut hockey puck to distribute the load around the weld.