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Driving down under

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Hi all from the colonies.

They have a saying down under if you over drive your lights What is stopping you?

Well if you are unlucky  at 100 plus you hit one of these with your plastic and aluminium front




Being a night driver it became obvious that the GT86 lights as delivered may comply with ADR rules were woefully inadequate.

GT86 has no attach points per se.

On the hoist using the head not the heart the HELLA NARVA COMET 6 inch fits.

Drill one hole use one dowell so you don't crush the valance, use nylock nut and wire via relays to the alternator line and it all fits.


Light is parallel to the road but illuminates flanks of the wildlife and some scatter occurs.

Next stop is HID upgrade to the Comet lights total cost so far $79 upgrade will be the same.

The driving lights are balanced don't look out of place and don't block airflow.

The small lights in pic are 4 led  DRL's in place of the ten watt Toyota OEM.

H11 High beams are 100 watt inserts. Comets have H3 100 watts

Total light output 400 watts 30 amps can be reduced going HID once I work out where to stow the ballasts.

I can see them now before they hit me 80-100km/h any faster how is your insurance?


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Just you and 'roos! The factory fit fog lights are pretty limited in their use, I can see why you've pimped them.

My favourite part about driving around Perth was how the Aussies react to a light shower. I've never seen so much wiper action!

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4 hours ago, gavin_t said:

Are the Australian GT86 any different in their headlight setup


I find the xenons superb on the 86 especially on a dark lane on full beam

I believe the Aussie market get all of the low spec models which likely don't have Xenons from standard. The 86 is quite common out there compared to our shores.

Not only that but driving through Australia is not like the UK at all :) they have a few multi-lane highways which are similar to our motorways but they also have beefed up single lane A-roads which albeit are lovely, wide and flat but also have next to no guard rails so dead kangaroos or dingos are an unfortunately common site on the roads.

That's from my experience driving up form Sydney to Cairns earlier this year atleast.

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