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    wtb BRZ ecu

    yes i know, here also "most" are keyless, just a few, a lot off cars that came from germany seem to be with regular keys.
  2. i have a 2013 eu MT BRZ here with a bricked ecu, writing stopped during flashing (OFT) (battery) and now there is no rom on the car. it had originally the ZA1J700H rom. (2012-2013 eu mt) tried procedure with battery deconnection and then trying to reflash stock rom but no luck. even with a new battery. it is a car with a regular key, no smart. so i'm looking for a second had ecu nr 22765-AC830 on top of the ecu i have this code "HG" https://imgur.com/a/4t4tiSV if you have someting that can work and want it to ship to Belgium than make me a price. kind regards Tonni