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  1. Mani

    Perrin strut brace

    @AJ124 do you have any pictures of the Perrin strut? I might be interested 🙂
  2. Mani

    BRZ Rubber Boot Matt

    @Jay Bamrah just saw an ad on FB selling a rubber boot mat in case you are still looking https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581880765452137/permalink/2663456270627909/?sale_post_id=2663456270627909
  3. I checked out the Camskill site just now and current deal on the 245x35x18 PS4 is £533 (including shipping) - less £60 comes to about £473 225/40/18 comes to £290 235/40/18 comes to £394 You definitely got a better deal 😜 since I will have to pay fitting costs on top, Costco is still coming out as a better deal (£478 fitted for 245 and 400 fitted for 235) thanks @Booboo for keeping an eye out
  4. Thanks @Leeky and @MartinT … 235 seems to be the tyre of choice 👍
  5. Was planning to go down the Michelin PS4 route and thought that the prices quoted were reasonable … I was expecting it be around the 400-500 mark Not sure how i can test them for comfort on my setup unless I buy one the question I have is whether 245 is worth the extra spend or 235 seems to be the happy middle ground ….
  6. Thanks @spikyone … I had looked at the previous link and thought the stretch looked ok i did a bit of digging around on tyre prices and below are the best deals I am getting for the options (fully fitted) 225/40/18 (350.04 Black circles) 235/40/18 (399.92 Costco) - about £50 more than 225 245/35/18 (3mm) (478.64 Costco) - about £130 more than 225 Which one do u guys thinks is best size for the cost?
  7. Thanks @Leeky … have u had any issues running those tyres Someone at a car meet did recommend me those tyre specs but the calculations below threw me off
  8. @Booboo .. thanks for sharing - it is good to know that some is running the same alloy specs. also the link was handy … I spent sometime this afternoon considering various combinations factoring the rolling radius and seems like there are only two options within the tolerances 235/35/18 (-4mm) 245/35/18 (3mm) also I am on coilovers and lowered by 15/20 mm I think - would that have any impact on the rolling radius - should I be factoring this in or lowered stance wouldnt matter?
  9. Hi All I am looking to upgrade from stock wheels and considering alloys with the following specs - 18 x 8.5J ET 35 What size tyres should I go for? Also Michelin PS4 seems to be the popular choice, but are there any others I should explore thank you in advance for the suggestions
  10. Mani

    HKS Oil Filter Brand New

    @Stutopia … if the sale to @Leeky falls through then could I have the filter … thanks
  11. Mani

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    More decals on the car over the weekend … loved this 86 one in particular so couldn’t wait to get them on the car since they arrived earlier in the week …. if only I could have done a better job with a few air bubbles but pleased with the overall efforts and the outcome 😍
  12. Mani

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    @Jay Bamrah thanks for sharing the website line for the black wheel nuts … had arrived last week but only managed to get them fitted on the the car this afternoon - they make such as difference
  13. Mani

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Sorry … I meant you asked how much I paid for the refurb and painting the alloys back … that was £160 I got the smoked VLAND taillights and rear diffuser lights straight from the VLAND website and got one of the local garages to fit it for me (comparison picture)
  14. Mani

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    The headlights are smoked VLANDs … in fact I went for the whole set so have got the smoked VLAND taillights and rear diffuser lights … love them I didn’t want to spend too much so found these guys in MK who did the job for £160 (all in) … they also turned it around in about 6 hours while I waited at their garage this morning. I know some refurb shops take 24-48 hours so this maybe not be the best in the quality stakes - only time will tell