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  1. Mani

    Sale of GT86 OEM Parts

    Sale Update Sold OEM Boot Lid Spoiler-less - Black OEM taillights Available OEM Brake set - 4 sets of front and back callipers / pads and discs (£200) OEM Bumper brake light (£40 ono)
  2. Mani

    Sale of GT86 OEM Parts

    Bump OEM Brake set - 4 sets of front and back callipers / pads and discs (reduced to £200) OEM Boot Lid Spoiler-less - Black (reduced to £350) let me know if anyone is interested
  3. Since upgrading to after market parts on my 2014 GT86 over the last year, I have a few OEM parts for sale if anyone is interested Prefer collection from west london, but happy to meet halfway if not too far. OEM taillights (£50 ono) Selling as upgraded to Vlands last year - both in good working order and no damage. OEM Bumper brake light (£50 ono) Selling as upgraded to Vlands last year - good working order and no damage. OEM Brake set - 4 sets of front and back callipers / pads and discs (£300 ono) All I’m decent condition and wasn’t a forced change - selling as upgraded to BBK last month. I believe the brake discs and callipers have been on the car since new (so have covered about 65k miles). The discs are in decent shape and the callipers were refurbished and painted Ferrari red (with GT86 decals) about 6 months ago. The brake pads worked ok while I had it on the car but could do with replacing OEM Boot Lid Spoiler-less - Black (£400 ono) Long story, I have been looking for a spoiler-less boot lid for more than a year to avoid the hassle of filing the oem holes (for a different spoiler / GT wing) and these are really hard to come by …. managed to find one couple of months ago from a fellow GT86 enthusiast - and we swapped our boot lids However I ended up on a different path - Seibon Carbon boot and GT wing so don’t need the spoiler-less boot It is not in mint condition with some patching and touch up paint used by a previous owner, so might need repainting or a boot wrap. However it can’t be noticed from a distance and I had the boot on my car for a couple of months Let me know if any questions … can provide more close up pictures on request
  4. @stnas_86 came across these on FB marketplace .. not sure if this is still available or the one you are after … https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581880765452137/permalink/2746194802354055/
  5. @Ollie0501 Connor is selling one on FB .. a white TRD bumper and splitter minor damage on the bumper but seems fixable https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581880765452137/permalink/2755527264754142/?sale_post_id=2755527264754142
  6. Mani

    Incoming Part Out

    @James18 Hi James … I will be interested in the following (would you have any pictures?) Seibon Carbon Boot CSL Style Seibon Bonnet TS Style Raceseng Apex R gear knob in black Thanks Mani
  7. Mani


    @AJ124 still on my list to buy .. just need to find the money to spare … 😢 I have a whole Perrin thing going on in my engine bay
  8. Mani


    @AJ124 do you have any pictures of the Perrin strut? I might be interested 🙂
  9. Mani

    BRZ Rubber Boot Matt

    @Jay Bamrah just saw an ad on FB selling a rubber boot mat in case you are still looking https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581880765452137/permalink/2663456270627909/?sale_post_id=2663456270627909
  10. I checked out the Camskill site just now and current deal on the 245x35x18 PS4 is £533 (including shipping) - less £60 comes to about £473 225/40/18 comes to £290 235/40/18 comes to £394 You definitely got a better deal 😜 since I will have to pay fitting costs on top, Costco is still coming out as a better deal (£478 fitted for 245 and 400 fitted for 235) thanks @Booboo for keeping an eye out
  11. Thanks @Leeky and @MartinT … 235 seems to be the tyre of choice 👍
  12. Was planning to go down the Michelin PS4 route and thought that the prices quoted were reasonable … I was expecting it be around the 400-500 mark Not sure how i can test them for comfort on my setup unless I buy one the question I have is whether 245 is worth the extra spend or 235 seems to be the happy middle ground ….
  13. Thanks @spikyone … I had looked at the previous link and thought the stretch looked ok i did a bit of digging around on tyre prices and below are the best deals I am getting for the options (fully fitted) 225/40/18 (350.04 Black circles) 235/40/18 (399.92 Costco) - about £50 more than 225 245/35/18 (3mm) (478.64 Costco) - about £130 more than 225 Which one do u guys thinks is best size for the cost?