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  1. Addymk2

    MatrixProtein's AVO boosted 86

    I have to say, even though the Avo kit is the oldest on the market I think it's turbo placement is probably the best on the market. Albeit I'd be slightly concerned heading through standing water. It was a tough call between that and the Cosworth Supercharger for me, the only thing that swung me to Cosworth was the fact I'd never previously owned a SC car. Looks tidy mate. Just gave you a follow on IG
  2. Addymk2

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    Sadly not mate, must have been 15/16 years ago I was doing that! Typing that's just made me feel real old real fast 😁
  3. Addymk2

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    Used to put them together with a mate on the driveway when I was at school, if someone brought along the motor, the mounts and the Corsa we'd throw it in over a weekend for £300 I've not had an EP3, I've been out in a few and they always felt damn good but the DC2 had put me off VTEC for life 😣 I've a feeling I picked up a lemon with the DC2. Looked clean, had paperwork to back up everything but then imploded in every way shape and form it could. I don't think I'd pick up another though, VTEC is just like the biggest turbo lag known to man, followed by half the steam.
  4. Addymk2

    Check out this Mustang

    They're advertising these in my works cafeteria, I'll get a snap of the advert when I'm next in there if it's still up It does look like a weapon.
  5. Addymk2

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    Worst Cars I've Driven; Bodged together Redtop Corsa B. The engine mounts were seemingly made of cotton wool and the battery shorted in the boot. It was picked up for parts, but it had been bodged together so badly the only thing really salvageable was the engine. Peugeot 208 1.0 Petrol... It felt like a liability at any junction. Motorway driving was horrendous. Worst Cars I've Owned; DC2 Integra (this was also one of the best cars I've driven, but we will come back to that). Fragile, in the time I had it it cracked a piston, the alternator exploded, the window fell into the passenger door, 2 weeks later into the drivers door, the engine was utterly hopeless unless you were 'on it' Mitsubishi Colt 1.6. Horrendous suspension. I really couldn't get on with the handling in the thing. Best Cars I've Owned; E36 M3 - track spec. I really loved that car. Sadly it's now in Russia, I sold it online and received the export paperwork a few weeks later. I half expected to see it rolling into Ukraine with a GPMG on the roof. Altezza RS200 (x2) - I had 2 at the same time, one I fitted with a GReddy Turbo kit (on my works car park) the other I used as a daily. Great chassis, great rev hungry BEAMS engine and the best indicator engagement I've ever felt. Clio 182 - Fantastic chassis, throaty engine and a solid reliable package throughout EP91 Glanza V - Owned 2, both were frantically quick. Primitive chassis lead to 'engaging' handling and the noise they make is fantastic. 1985 Honda Civic GT - At the time it was one of 3 left on the road in the UK. The first actively 'sporty' Civic and the first to be fitted with fuel injection. Cool little car. DC2 Integra - When you were on it, the engine went. The chassis was truly sublime, it pivoted around you and really felt like it was on it's toes. In some ways it reminds me of the BRZ. I've probably missed a few... I've had 40+ cars. But there we go.
  6. Hello guys I seem to be one of the only people in the world with this headunit. The sound quality is great, as befitting a $1700 headunit, however, the interface is crap. The fit in the dash is faultless (which is another big plus, no adaptors required). The inbuilt NAV is laggy and for some bizarre reason, it's no idea what song/radio station it's playing. It picks a song off the top of its head and displays it on the screen. I'm contemplating either swapping out the whole headunit or upgrading the X901 to X902 spec with this kit; https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/SingleView/X902D-EX It retails at approx $850 but with that, it upgrades the system to Android Auto Any opinions welcome, either for fitting this or skipping this entirely and replacing the whole thing.
  7. Addymk2

    HKS Intake Duct

    Before you do set about pulling your stock snorkel off check this out https://www.aemintakes.com/dynocharts/AEM-41-1408-AITS.pdf You're probably better off replacing the intake before you replace the snorkel
  8. Addymk2

    HKS Intake Duct

    It can be done by removing the bolts/push pins/that black plastic airflow thing securing the top of the bumper and bending it forward a hands width
  9. Addymk2

    HKS Intake Duct

    Is that feeding into the standard airbox?
  10. Addymk2

    BBK Options

    Bumping an old thread but a reply from Ian at GodSpeed; We have sold a few of these kits to various different cars including the BRZ/GT86, We have had no feedback of bias issues. The Brembo calipers have 4 x 40mm pistons each caliper. I know a popular upgrade for the rear if you did want to increase the size, is the rear Brembo brakes from a 2008 onwards Impreza STI.
  11. Addymk2

    Not again...

    I think you should seriously reevaluate your parking choices. That's a crap bit of luck.
  12. Disconnect the battery when you're away mate. I'm away for 3 months at a time generally. This is my first stint away with the BRZ Once a monthish my dad will take it out for the weekend just to stop anything seizing up
  13. Addymk2

    Global Vagrant with a 17 BRZ

    Thanking you I did read Jeffs points prior to this, afaik he also put it in brief on Pistonheads I've pinged an email to Meister earlier this afternoon, when they get back to me I'll drop the response in here
  14. Addymk2

    Global Vagrant with a 17 BRZ

    That's not a good sign, I'll drop them an email asking if any additional development work has been done. Ideally, I don't want to be the factories guinea pig
  15. Addymk2

    Global Vagrant with a 17 BRZ

    Cheers mate Cheers man, I did read the thread where you commented on them, your experience with them is contrary to what I've had on other cars/the majority of other owners clubs. I've had my fair share of coilovers from other brands, Tein on my DC2 (looked like they'd been dredged up after a year of service), Eibach (locking collar cracked on my E36 M3), Cusco on my turbo'd Altezza (rattled my fillings out), Weitec on my E36 M3 (far too soft), Konis (2 Alfas, both ended up with a ride that felt 'brittle') etc. I ran a set of Meisters on one of my Glanzas and another one of my Altezzas, both performed well. Considering the customer service is spot on, if they don't live up to expectations they'll be coming off and getting returned 😅