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  1. Evening. Has anybody got a dual or a single resonated decat pipe that they no longer require please. If local I can collect otherwise it would be courier to Birmingham. Thanks in advance.
  2. JohnM

    Rear parcel shelf query

    Mine has finally seated back into place. Just gently easy it out over the white plastic clip and then i just left it to work itself back into position. I totally forgot about it until I cleaned the rear screen the other day and noticed there was no more gap and it has now lined up to the shelf.
  3. I dont suppose you would be interested in selling the alcantara guage cover as a seperate item. Im based in Birmingham if you need the OEM as a replacement.
  4. Has anybody got any sound clips of a non resonated pipe fitted to a completely stock setup please with either the 2nd cat in place or removed. Thanks.
  5. JohnM

    Finally got around to first wax

    Updated pictures of the frt and rear as it stands now. AF illusion is perfect for the white pearl but it is only a 2/3 month durability. The pictures dont show up just how much flake is brought out using this wax especially when the sun hits it.
  6. JohnM

    Finally got around to first wax

    Planning on doing the first DA run of the year over the next 2 days due to the nice weather for once. So updated pictures by the end of the week as the car has changed slightly since collecting. I will be putting AF illusion on this time rather than dodo supernatural hybrid as looks rather than durability is the aim of the game over the summer months.
  7. JohnM

    All sold! Please lock

    Payment and PMsent.
  8. JohnM

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    Can i ask what rear diffuser do you have fitted??
  9. JohnM

    All sold! Please lock

    If you are willing to split I would like the heated seat trim please.
  10. JohnM

    Rear Speakers.....will these fit?

    You will have to adapt the oem bracket as they are only a 3.5" speaker in the rears. The brackets are easy enough to cut or you could fabricate one out of mdf to give it a more secure fit. They look alot deeper than the stock speakers so if it was me I would go the mdf route. Also if you are running the stock head unit you will need to power then with an amp as the oem head unit will not be powerful enough to run them to there full potential as I found out when I upgraded mine (didnt upgrade to the focals though). Most people dont do the rears but I am glad I did mine as it does make the world of difference to the sound in the car.
  11. JohnM

    OEM wheels query

    Thanks Lauren.
  12. I am after some advice regards to an issue I am having. I had my bodykit fitted about a month ago and was less than happy regards to the colour match. After a messaged discussion regards to the colour match issues I decided that I would have the kit painted a gloss black to match the front skirt. We agreed a price and the work to be completed via a whats app message but today the work has not been fully completed as per that message. The owner is saying he didnt realise that the side skirts were also suppose to have been painted even though it clearly states in the message to which he replied and also a verbal discussion when the car was dropped off regards to the colour required. He is now saying he cant do it at the price agreed and that there will be an additional cost involved, this is ontop of the original fee already paid when they where done in the first place. What are my options? Cut my loses and go somewhere else or stick to my guns regards to what has been agreed and previously paint for. Thanks in advance.
  13. JohnM

    OEM wheels query

    The yokos are to soft for my driving especially in the wet. The 225's feel more stable especially on a RWD car. The michelins in the 225 are currently £20 cheaper per tyre than the 215 version so Im just weighting up the options at the moment.
  14. JohnM

    OEM wheels query

    Thanks Lauren. I went from a 215 to 225 on my other car but the wheel is a 7.5 inch wheel and they are the best tyres I have used especially in the wet. Cost is another factor as they are £20 cheaper per tyre than the equivalent 215 version but its good to know that they will fit. If anybody has got any pics of the 225 fitted to a 7" wheel that would be appreciated or even a comparison.
  15. JohnM

    OEM wheels query

    Just wondering if anybody has put 225/45/17 tyres on the stock 17" wheels. I have no plans on changing the OEM wheels as I actually like them but will be looking at getting rid of the yoko's when they get low.