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  1. JohnM

    Servicing query??

    I have a question regards to servicing on my 2013 GT86. Car has got 71,000 miles and has full service history including the big one at 60,000. It was last serviced in January at the same time as the MOT , both completed by Toyota. I will only be doing 3,000/4,000 miles per year and that is really an over estimate so it will be very low mileage compared to the previous owner. Also the car will never be tracked. The Toyota warranty has expired and the used car warranty will run out in January so with all the above in mind I am thinking that I can have the car serviced every 2 years rather than every 12 months. Can anybody think of any issues that this may cause or any recommendations regards to switching to a 2 year servicing schedule positive or negative. As always all opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Highly recommend Auto finesse Illusion for the summer but it isnt cheap and will need to be reapplied every couple of months. Very easy to apply and the finish afterwards is amazing. Dodo juice supernatural is also very good especially if you want the metallic flake to show through. It should also last around 4/6 months between coats even with the crappy British weather.
  3. I have a set of rear louvers in gloss black. They were purchased from another member and are in excellent condition. They have only been on the car for a couple of weeks so will require some 3m tape to install. Looking for £18 including shipping.
  4. JohnM

    New owner from the Midlands

    Welcome. Nice to see another owner from the midlands as I dont see many around.
  5. Dont suppose anybody has a set of 15mm spacers they no longer require?
  6. JohnM

    Wheel stud question??

    Sorry didnt see that part at the bottom. What about these: https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/m12-x-1-25-wheel-stud-63mm-long-ss41 or these : https://www.rallynuts.com/wheel-studs-and-nuts/grayston-m12-x-125-jap-wheel-stud-63mm-long.html
  7. JohnM

    Wheel stud question??

    Anybody know if these wheel studs will fit the GT86 please. Looking at upgrading the OEM studs due to stripping one of the front ones the other day. https://www.ate-uk.com/brakes/wheel-studs-wheel-bolts/m12-wheel-stud-2129.html
  8. Do anybody have a rear lower diffuser for a 2013 GT86 they no longer require please.
  9. JohnM

    Facelift rear screen???

    Perfect thank you.
  10. Did the 2017 facelift BRZ get a different size or shaped rear screen than the earlier models or are they exactly the same across the range ???
  11. JohnM

    2013 Supercharged GT86 Pearl White

    Can i ask were you got the rear roof spoiler from please??
  12. Looking at the HTauto one they are different at the front especially in the middle section of the bumper. It looks more fitted and shaped to the OEM bumper than the maxton design one.
  13. https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/front-splitter-toyota-gt86?search=toyota gt86 I have this one on mine