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  1. Im after a set of smoked valenti rear lights with the white light bar. Not fussed if they are sequential or not. If anybody has a set then let me know please. Thanks
  2. JohnM

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    There is some slight movement with the clip when it is connected to the radio, so i have added a small piece of 3m tape onto the bottom of the clip and reinstalled. This appears to have removed the movement and is now more secure when clipped in.
  3. JohnM

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    Sam534, Did you have any issues with the iso harness not clipping into the OEM stereo securely? Im having an issue with the smaller of the 2 connectors making a secure connection and staying clipped in??
  4. JohnM

    Alcantara trim

    Auto finesse total, microfibre cloth and a soft brush. Dodo juice supernatural leather cleaner and sealant for the leather parts.
  5. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    All sorted. No more clunking. Check all your bolts especially on the hub and make sure you have fitted the correct nut onto the 16mm top bolt. My drivers side bolts had become loose causing a bit of play on the hub/strutt. Also even though the nuts look the same, the one for the 16mm bolt has a slightly wider bottom. So the knock wasnt coming from the droplinks at all but just to be on the safe side I reinstalled them using the preload method. Jack up the hub under the brake disc to take off the slack and then reinstall the endlinks. Whole thing took about 1 hr so fingers crossed I wont need the extra expense of the adjustable endlinks.
  6. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Looking through some old threads on FT86club and the pics posted, the corsa c threads look longer than the oem ones. If I remember correctly when I removed the OEM bottom link there was a washer on the opposite side to the bolt. I dont think I reinstalled that washer, so thats the first thing I will check tomorrow. I have just checked the OEM end link and there is indeed a spacer on the end of the thread, Im assuming this is to help the link to sit flush against both the strutt mount and arb. The corsa ones I fitted didnt have this. This may potentially be the issue.
  7. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Nope. Just lay under the car and dremeled the old nut off. Didnt even have to touch the brake setup as this was the first thing I did so everything else was still attached.
  8. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Im redoing mine tomorrow so if i find anything I will let you know. Otherwise I will order some adjustable end links next week.
  9. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Doesnt appear to be any marks on the control arm or the drop link or even the top of the roll bar. Someone has suggested mounting a gopro in the wheel arch to try and record the noise and to confirm it is the droplinks. One easy way would be to disconnect the drop link from the anti roll bar, secure the end link and arb with cable ties and go for a short drive. If no noise then at least you know the issue is with the end links. Just dont go throwing it into corners :~)
  10. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Cheapest ones specifically for the car I have found are the hardrace ones at £75 but they are on a 3/4 week back order. There are some universal ones around for about £40 but Im dubious as to whether they are any good.
  11. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Easiest way is to get it to a garage and get them to do it for you :). I used some ramps that raise the car up just enough to get the jack under the front or just enough room to reach in and tighten them up. I did the jack stands at first and had the same issue. But still really close to the lower arm so I will be changing then to smaller droplinks at some point.
  12. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Top pic were the bottom of the drop link is. Inside of the lower control arm. Or top pic again, were the bend of the anti roll bar is, the curve on the inside of the wheel arch (hope that make sense) Did you reconnect them with the car up on the jacks, or did you put the wheels back on , drop the car then re-attach??
  13. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    The drop links are now too long so they are catching either on the inside of the lower control arm or your anti roll is catching on the inner bottom wheel arch.. To be sure, turn the steering wheel full lock and look to see if you can see any fresh scratch marks or dirt rubbed away. Normally try and align the anti roll bar and tighten them whilst the car is loaded but 95% of the time you will need smaller drop links to stop the knocking.
  14. Probably a long shot but Im after an MXP comp rs exhaust if anybody is selling one please.
  15. JohnM

    Thoughts on Pirelli PZERO Nero Tyres?

    Currently running Hankook v12 evo 2. No complaints so far in wet or dry and they are a massive improvement from the Yoko's i had on previously. Check out www.tyreleader.co.uk as they run offers pretty much every day. Just look under the discount tab at the bottom of the website. I managed to get a set of 4 for £229 delivered so works out at about £57 a tyre.