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  1. JohnM

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    It was just a case of small adjustments, re-adjust hangers before the final tighten up. If anything it would have been better to let the exhaust settle itself for a couple of days and then re-adjust if required. In truth it took alot less time than I was expecting, but the weather was alot better than it is now and I did have a 2nd pair of hands just in case. You can buy a specific tool to remove the rubber hangers from fleabay, this made the whole job alot easier and no wd40 was required. They all came off first try. The N1 is loud, so if drone is going to be an issue then I would look at a different exhaust. Although I have added sound deadening to the boot area and under the rear seats which does seem to reduce it, it does take a while to get use to especially coming from the stock system. If you are planning on working on the car yourself then it maybe worth investing in a Jack/axle stands setup rather than paying a garage to do the work for you. If this isnt the route you wanna go then I would pay a garage to fit it for you. The beauty with this car is that there are hundreds of how to videos on youtube for pretty much anything you would want to do but I still have a trusted garage that I use should the need arise.
  2. JohnM

    Cat Back fitting cost.

    Anymore than 1 hrs labour charge then they are looking at the car and rubbing there hands together. Fitted my N1 on my uncles driveway and took 30 minutes. I spent more time trying to align the tips than actually removing and fitting the exhaust.
  3. JohnM

    Quesstion about wheels modification

    Have been running 15mm/20mm for 2 years now with no issues. Just make sure they are a reputable make and that they are hubcentric and you wont have any issues.
  4. JohnM

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Have you noticed any difference switching from v-power to Esso 99 performance wise ?? Since owning the car I have used nothing but V-power but at £1.45 a Ltr at the moment I may look at other options out there.
  5. JohnM

    US vs UK prices.

    If you want a set of coilovers then I can highly recommend these over lowering springs. They are an entry level set but with enough adjustability for daily and fast road driving. TEIN Street Advance Z TUV Certified Coilovers suspension kit - Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ (part-box.com) If you dont mind 2nd hand you can pick up an Invidia N1 from anywhere between £200 - £350 depending on condition.
  6. MOD's can you lock the thread please as Im no longer looking. Also it might stop people joining just to message me with offers to buy outside the forum.
  7. JohnM

    Coilover help required

    Did you tighten the droplinks whilst the car was up in the air or underload with the car back on the ground ?? Also make sure your anti roll bar is central before tightening everything down. I had a clonk when I fitted mine on the passenger side which was driving me nuts and I tried everything, even went through refitting the coilover only to find out I had pulled my roll bar 5mm over to the one side, which caused the droplink to only slightly catch on the lower control arm.
  8. Dont suppose you would consider selling the smoked valenti rear lights seperatly at all ???
  9. JohnM

    Touch'n'Go wiring diagram

    Ive used this one for the stereo but it doesnt have anything for the sat nav connectors. GT86 Stereo Wiring Diagram - Do It Yourself D.I.Y guides - 86Forums.com.au
  10. Im after a set of smoked valenti rear lights with the white light bar. Not fussed if they are sequential or not. If anybody has a set then let me know please. Thanks
  11. JohnM

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    There is some slight movement with the clip when it is connected to the radio, so i have added a small piece of 3m tape onto the bottom of the clip and reinstalled. This appears to have removed the movement and is now more secure when clipped in.
  12. JohnM

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    Sam534, Did you have any issues with the iso harness not clipping into the OEM stereo securely? Im having an issue with the smaller of the 2 connectors making a secure connection and staying clipped in??
  13. JohnM

    Alcantara trim

    Auto finesse total, microfibre cloth and a soft brush. Dodo juice supernatural leather cleaner and sealant for the leather parts.
  14. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    All sorted. No more clunking. Check all your bolts especially on the hub and make sure you have fitted the correct nut onto the 16mm top bolt. My drivers side bolts had become loose causing a bit of play on the hub/strutt. Also even though the nuts look the same, the one for the 16mm bolt has a slightly wider bottom. So the knock wasnt coming from the droplinks at all but just to be on the safe side I reinstalled them using the preload method. Jack up the hub under the brake disc to take off the slack and then reinstall the endlinks. Whole thing took about 1 hr so fingers crossed I wont need the extra expense of the adjustable endlinks.
  15. JohnM

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Looking through some old threads on FT86club and the pics posted, the corsa c threads look longer than the oem ones. If I remember correctly when I removed the OEM bottom link there was a washer on the opposite side to the bolt. I dont think I reinstalled that washer, so thats the first thing I will check tomorrow. I have just checked the OEM end link and there is indeed a spacer on the end of the thread, Im assuming this is to help the link to sit flush against both the strutt mount and arb. The corsa ones I fitted didnt have this. This may potentially be the issue.