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  1. Time has come to move on from the 86 after 7 years of ownership, and i'm going to be selling the higher end parts off the car first All parts are used and collection Stoke on Trent Cosworth Supercharger - £SOLD Cosworth / Ap Racing 6 pot brake kit - £SOLD Pending collection Volk Rays G25 Staggered 18*8, 18*9 - £1350 Baruta Black and Red carbon interior - £800 (or £700 with your old panels exchanged) TRD Steering Wheel £SOLD Message me for more details on any of the above Thanks Neil
  2. Neil_turbo

    P3 OBD gauge

    As above please 👍
  3. Neil_turbo

    Defi OBD2 smart adaptor - SOLD

    now £100 delivered
  4. Neil_turbo

    Defi OBD2 smart adaptor - SOLD

    Open to offers 👍
  5. Neil_turbo

    Defi OBD2 smart adaptor - SOLD

    photo of actual unit 👍 no marks or scratches and comes with all the original packaging
  6. Access OBD2 data live to your phone / tablet Including boost, intake air temperature, throttle position, water temperature ETC... You will need to download the defi app. Note this was not officially released in the UK, but works just fine! Includes all obd connectors etc £140 delivered or will swap for P3 gauge plus some cash to you Pictures to be uploaded tomorrow, my screenshots attached (note I have this connected with my other gauges, so may have readings not available from obd displayed)
  7. Removed after 35000 miles, only reason to fit bigger brake kit, so in full working order Cosworth pads have about 7mm remaining Only off the car a few weeks. 85 delivered or 70 collected from Stoke on trent Thanks Neil
  8. Neil_turbo

    Injen induction kit - polished pipe SOLD

    Induction kit now sold
  9. Neil_turbo

    Injen induction kit - polished pipe SOLD

    Strut brace now sold 👍
  10. Neil_turbo

    Injen induction kit - polished pipe SOLD

    added :-) any other questions let me know cheers Neil
  11. Hi all For sale is a TRD carbon fibre strut brace - excellent condition SOLD SOLD SOLD note - electrical tape is where the bar just touches the bonnet insulation, so it has prevented any rubbing on the bar :-) And Injen polished pipe induction kit £125 Both prices are collected from Stoke-on-Trent or can post at cost Pictures to follow tomorrow 👍 Thanks Neil
  12. Neil_turbo

    GT86 Bits

    If you are struggling to sell the EDFC kit with the suspension rob and do split, I could be interested in the EDFC half 👍
  13. i will let you know if i decide to split cheers Neil
  14. Price reduced to £19k - full photos at the weekend