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  1. I won't be at this Combe event but plan to be at the others! Just to echo the comment above, I'd strongly advise against going on track, last year they had a new record of 14 reg flags in one day!!! Have a great day guys, looking forward to getting my car out soon with you all Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  2. Sighe98

    Pioneer SPH-DA120 Install and Review

    Thanks guys, looks great!!
  3. Sighe98

    Pioneer SPH-DA120 Install and Review

    Great thread guys thanks for the tips on installing. I'm looking to get the Pioneer one very soon with DAB. Quick question, are you aware of a harness that allows you to use the steering wheel controls? I'm aware there are a few harnesses advertised but wondered if you'd be able to recommend any first hand.
  4. Sighe98

    Committee members wanted!

    I'd be keen to help with events in the south west. Perhaps socials, car events and some trackdays. I could get us at all the Castle Combe action days and events however I will be racing again next season and racing would take priority over any BRZ events to me. I can also help fill days if we decide to have a private track day with a mix of experienced racers, no track day heros in cars not set up and causing lots of red flags!!
  5. Sighe98

    Selling my car - Incoming Partout!

    Interested in the wheels and BBK
  6. Yes Combe isn't somewhere to make big mistakes! I bet quarry proved how good the big brake kit is though, especially now you have the turbo!! If you'd like any help when you're there next let me know and I'll come down, I know Combe okay and I'm chasing 1:23's at Combe in the 105bhp MX5, an experience passengers tend not to enjoy aha. Glad you had a great day though and glad you didn't become another quarry statistic like me!!
  7. Interested what times you manage at Combe, congrats on getting the turbo Vad! Looks great!
  8. Sighe98

    Cusco 6 point roll cage

    This isn't MSA approved I presume? Doesn't look to a high enough quality for racing
  9. Sighe98

    Focal speaker upgrade

    I got mine from here https://www.carsoundsandsecurity.co.uk/store/is165toy/ and they came with free next day delivery, maybe keep an eye out and they become back in stock again soon?
  10. Sighe98

    Focal speaker upgrade

    Finally got round to fitting the focal speakers and what a difference! For the money this is a no brainer! It took me all of 30 minutes to do and was very easy, plug and play in its most literal sense! See the comparison of the focal and stock speakers below, the difference is even visable. Wish I'd done it 7000 miles sooner when I bought the car. Next question is what do I do with the rear speakers and do I put a speaker in the blank next to the tweeters ...
  11. Sighe98

    Run / Meet

    I'd be very interested, sounds great!
  12. Sighe98

    New Owner from Bath

    I'm based in Swindon and there's a few owners here who're all very friendly, let me/us know if you're interested in organising a meeting
  13. Sighe98

    Focal speaker upgrade

    Thanks for sharing a pic of your unit, I looked at this option but my dealer advised against it saying that it made no difference and the maps wasn't great for the money! Not a great sales man!! Interesting to see that Subaru actually use Alpine to make the upgrade though. I'll defiantly get on and order the Focal upgrade, sounds like it'll be great! With the amp, does this sit below the boot floor in the spare wheel area? Lots of people have said the amp is essential and brings the most out of the upgrades but if I'm honest I don't know to much about it. I contacted Car Audio and they sent me this link with parts that should fit and work on my car, allowing me to keep full compatibility, here's the link, what do you think? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?cat=&q=CT23SU07+CTSSU004+CT27AA130 The GT86 and BRZ harnesses are probably the same, the Axxess AX-TOY28SWC is the type of thing I expected to need, can I just check that your's is the new shape car with the updated interior and steering controls? Sounds like a great setup though, I'd be interesting in seeing your build!
  14. Sighe98

    Focal speaker upgrade

    Thanks Lauren! Do you know which head unit it is from Alpine that allows use of the steering controls? I've had a quick look and I cannot see anything for the 86 from Alpine. I'll order the Focals and see how they are. Fingers crossed with the new head unit and front Focal speakers it'll be much better and I'll see how it is disconnecting the rear speakers. I can see why you ditched the stock sound setup, it is rubbish!! I understand your point, it is expensive but I'm sure it'll be worth while as I spend a lot of time in the car. I do want to do all the performance mods but when I'm sat in traffic going to work, TEIN mono sports, wheels, a TD kit and much more won't prove their worth. Although, the sound of a UEL is hard to beat!!
  15. Sighe98

    Focal speaker upgrade

    Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance regarding an audio upgrade for my new shape BRZ. I'm currently looking into a Kenwood head unit from the UK and a 2 din OEM trim and plug and play harness from Australia made by a company called carboncarsystems which will allow me to keep my steering controls and give an OEM look but want to see what's around speaker wise to improve the sound quality. If anyone knows of something in the UK that will allow me to keep the steering controls please let me know, carboncarsystems are being a bit funny about shipping to the UK. I've seen there's a plug and play kit made by Focal https://www.bassjunkies.com/is165toy.html which looks to be good but wondered if anyone has fitted it and can give me their opinion if it's a good option to go for? While the tweeters would be out I've seen there's space for a mid tone speaker in there which comes with a JDL kit? Is it worth finding a mid tone to go in with the tweeter? I'm also interested in changing my rear speakers, I know their 4" and there are lots of options on the market but wondered what people can recommend that are yet again plug and play. I've also seen people buying an amp to go behind the head unit, whats this all about? I'm not keen on putting any speakers in the boot or covering the car in sound proofing materials, I'm simply after a good quality system which is noticeably better than the stock system. Budget wise I would spend £500 max but would like to spend less however I understand you obviously get what you pay for!! Please any advise or reviews welcome, sorry to create another audio related thread but the answer I wanted wasn't on the existing ones.