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  1. Nah not yet - intend keeping it standard for a little while. Have you got much planned for this?
  2. Lovely car. Might see you around at some point as I work up Gateshead.
  3. adam_d

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    This is properly fantastic, can't wait to see how it progresses.
  4. adam_d

    Festival of Speed

    I'm going down Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Did the Thursday and Friday last year and it was brilliant, it was the first time I got behind the wheel of a GT86.
  5. adam_d

    Fuel pump chirp, just live with it?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll just stick with the chirp then instead of pushing any further. Aye that's a bit more of an issue than mine, I just look like a plank not being able to get 2nd at the end of my street on mornings. Gearbox oil change might be my first port of call I think.
  6. adam_d

    Giallo '62'

    Lovely car, motivating me to give mine a much needed wash. I've got some extra black stripes...
  7. Hi everyone, My 15 plate GT86 has made the fuel pump chirp very loudly since I got it. I mentioned it when the car was in for a service at the end of January as I'd seen somewhere on here a definitive fix had been made available in November (can't find that thread). They came back and said it needed a new pump and it was fitted 3 weeks or so ago. It only ever seemed to make the noise when the temperature was above 6/7 degrees, and sure enough today the chirping is back as loudly as ever. As it's only a few weeks old, I'm not sure whether to go back or just live with it, what are the chances of it being fixed this time? It's also getting increasingly worse to get into 2nd gear, with 12000 miles on now I was hoping that would improve. The car has only had V Power in while I've had it. I should mention I'm a bit reluctant to go back to this dealer, as the dashcam I have in the car recorded a couple of things last time that didn't fill me with confidence (like spraying pressurised fuel all over the still hot engine, revving in neutral to show off behind the workshop). That might just be me being picky and I'm not sure I can do anything with the video anyway. I don't want to name the dealer as they have been good to me in the past with my last car. Would it be worth me getting the job done again? Any advice from anyone that knows the issue better greatly appreciated.
  8. adam_d

    DiRT Rally

    That looks a serious bit of kit, should be brilliant when it's together. Certainly beats my cheapy folding table setup.
  9. adam_d

    ECU Setting Customisation

    I have that same adapter with the same problem, and a much older one that sometimes half works, sometimes gives me that error. I mainly wanted it to switch over TPMS sensors with the new beta, so with me having 2 adapters that didn't work already I just stumped up the £32 to get the Carista branded adapter from Amazon, which should be guaranteed to work.
  10. adam_d

    TPMS Sensors

    Spot on, thanks very much.
  11. adam_d

    TPMS Sensors

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a picture or the part number of the TPMS sensors that are fitted to current cars? My winter wheels came off an older GT86 and I don't want to be staring at the light for the next few months. I've found what I think are a set of the correct sensors fairly cheaply, but I can only find reference to sensors fitted to US cars, and I'm not 100% sure if over here they use a different frequency or something. Thanks.
  12. adam_d

    Newish Giallo Owner

    That's excellent, thanks. I'll have to get myself down.
  13. adam_d

    Newish Giallo Owner

    Hi everyone, Just found the forum, had my Giallo (no.30) for about 3 weeks now. Went from a 2007 Prius to this, so far I think I made the right decision. Our family has had Toyotas non-stop for over 30 years, so I've grown up as a Toyota nutter. I had been putting off test driving a GT86 for a while (thinking it might end expensively), but Toyota invited me to Goodwood for a drive and I couldn't refuse. That pretty much made my mind up, and after test driving one on the road I was sold, it was far better in normal driving than I expected. Initially I was going for a new Orange car, but the wait time was November and I got a great deal on the Giallo that was already there. So far I've made no big mods, I've only fitted a dashcam and a spare wheel. Next will probably be sat nav and a reversing camera, and as much as I said I wouldn't, I've already started looking at exhausts... The only clean picture I have of it is when it was sat outside the dealer: Quick question - I noticed the TSS was up at Croft this coming weekend, does anyone know if I am alright to come along and just mill around/spectate? I'm not brave enough to try it on track yet.