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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    My car just back from the detailers. Had a full ceramic coating applied and 2 stage polish... car was brand new but swirls from dealers rip.
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    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Just 3M fixing tape, and yeah it was hard to get it on right. But it's mainly held on at the top of the plate down to the middle, the bottom isn't really connected to the car. But it doesn't matter and it hasn't moved since I installed it so obviously okay! (have been +100 mph) I gave the plate a little bend with my hands, not too much as it'll snap and eventually it will conform to the front panel anyway due to the tension and time.
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    GT86 Footage

    Great video and lovely car. I also love Leeds, has a great atmosphere. We did a video of my car when I got it, in the Yorkshire dales:
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    Deacons '86

    After last week's two trackdays the car was a real mess. I had the car detailed today by Lee at Classic Mobile Valet including full decontamination, machine polishing and ceramic coating. If you're Midlands based I'd definitely recommend giving Classic Mobile Valet a try Few before and after and reflection shots
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    Deacons '86

    The alcantara I had on my dash panels and binnacle cover had started to fade (on the binnacle cover mainly). It's the second time I've had it done so I decided I'd try something different. I saw a member on the FB group have some of their panels flocked by a company called For Flocks Sake so decided I'd give them a try too. Panels arrived yesterday and I fitted them today. The red is beautiful - much deeper than it seems to come out in photos. Fingers crossed the flocking resists sun fading a little better.
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    Interior "Clunk" Over Crests

    I know of this problem I have experienced it with my own vehicle your dealership should know all about it. It is the bulkhead behind the back seats. In each corner two pieces of metal overlap resulting in a sharp click. I took it to the dealership thinking it was a cable loose somewhere in the boot. The engineer informed me what the problem was and the remedy which was to pack the metal with grease. This they did and have had no problems since. The time in garage was about 20 mins. my 86 is 3 years old and I presume it was the earlier models which had this minor problem. Good Luck