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  1. Billyb

    2017 facelift turbo £20’000

    Sounds like a lovely car. GLWTS (your advert is missing a price)
  2. I believe it has sold. I spoke to Matt last week and it sold on Friday.
  3. Billyb

    Anyone in Herts/Bucks who can show me their car?

    Thanks very much "BRZ-123". I think I now have a good view of the cars. Just a matter of finding one now (or buying a vanilla car and modifying it myself). Thank you for the offer though 👍
  4. Billyb

    Anyone in Herts/Bucks who can show me their car?

    A big thank you to @spikyone for coming out of his way this evening to take me out in his very lovely GT86. You are a true gentleman! Not only that, but I really want your car - it would be my perfect spec. 👏
  5. Billyb

    WANTED - Road/Track car

    So the red car sold today which is great for the seller but my loss, so still looking...
  6. Billyb

    WANTED - Road/Track car

    Good spot. I've been in contact with the seller. Am I wrong to be a bit nervous about the reliability of a rebuilt engine running 400bhp? (and it is a bit more fire-breathing than I had in mind!) I've also spoken to the owner of the red one in the Classifieds here. What a nice chap.
  7. Billyb

    WANTED - Road/Track car

    If it weren't 4+hrs away from me I would check it out as it would make a good base for what I want. That said, for track work, I'd have to replace the road-spec suspension with something more track-focussed and replace the brakes. There are lot of other things I'd want to do to make it more track-focussed too e.g. rear cage (or possibly just harness bar), proper buckets etc. Of course I can add those to any car but of someone has already set their car up like this and doesnt want to pull it apart there could be a deal to be done. Edited to add... I just saw your previous post Adam. You are probably right as there don't seem to be many cars set up for track work. It just pains me to have to do it myself - I am not really interested in the "project", and for so many other models there are cars out there already prepared. Admittedly my recent experience with Clios is a bit of an extreme in that regard!
  8. Billyb

    WANTED - Road/Track car

    Yes, I think you are right, which is why so may cars get stripped of mods before sale. I am hoping someone will prefer a quick sale "as is" than maximising value by stripping.
  9. Billyb

    Anyone in Herts/Bucks who can show me their car?

    @spikyone That would be awesome, thank you!
  10. Billyb

    Anyone in Herts/Bucks who can show me their car?

    I am still hoping someone within say an hour of HP3 postcode might be able to show me their modded car. I'd be happy to return the favour in my Clio (!) or 964 FWIW.
  11. I'm looking for a GT86/BRZ that is already modified for track use, but still road legal. I am looking to spend under £15k. The right car will have track-biased suspension, brakes (and rear cage and harnesses would be nice) and I am open to a car that is either NA tuned (headers etc) or boosted. The more road-biased suspension set ups are less appealing as I will end up replacing them in next to no time I suspect. I am 45 and the car will perform some daily duties so unfortunately that rules out lary colours e.g. Orange (shame as I think it looks great) The fly in the oinment is that I have only managed to test drive a standard car and (no offence to owners) couldn't live with the standard engine, so I am making a bit of a leap of faith that an NA-modded or boosted one will tick the box. I do, therefore, need to test-drive the car before committing so it needs to be reachable from Hertfordshire (HP3). And the moon on a stick would be nice too.
  12. My problem is I want one for track duties that is already prepped. All the "prep" seems to disappear before cars make it to sale
  13. I'm starting to think that way too...
  14. I've been looking for a supercharged or turbo car for a while now. My unscientific answer is "not many" and unfortunately for us buyers, most sellers strip their cars of mods before selling to maximise their return (fair play). A 2013 supercharged car sold on PH recently with a listed price of £12,500 but I didn't write down the mileage THere is a Giallo yellow supercharged 2015 car up for £17,500 And I know of a white 2012 turbo car with uprated conrods running massive bhp for sale for £17,500 (which I think is a bit steep) Even finding a car still with an upgraded manifold is pretty hard.
  15. Billyb

    GT86 Footage

    Great vid too. And the cars look so good in that colour (I’m a bit old for orange these days)