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DVLA tax refund annoyance

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I eventually received a tax refund for my written off Mazda - it took a while.

DVLA send their refund by cheque.

Not only is that an annoyance in itself in this day and age, meaning one has to find a branch of the bank to pay it in (I don't have online banking on my phone so the take a photo in the app thing isn't for me) but the cheque they do send is huge - it won't fit in my wallet unless it's folded which means by the time you get it to the bank it's so creased that the teller machine won't accept it!

Is this a DVLA ploy so that recipients can't bank the cheque before the 6 month expiry date?

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It's the government. Just be pleased you can buy the tax online these days, rather than traipsing down to the PO to remember that you've forgotten one of the various documents you needed.

I can only image the pain getting that simple system sorted, given some of the behaviour and personalities I've seen whilst doing some work.

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I just do the tax by the month now with direct debit, avoids all that. 👍

I get what you mean though, absolutely hate cheques. Got a tax refund of £6.11 from the HMRC, just chucked it in the bin, not worth the effort. If they'd just taken it off my tax then that would have been a whole lot easier, like they do if you've underpaid. 😡

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