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Newbie - Leicestershire

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Hi everyone,

I'm soon to be a proud owner.......picking my GT86 in white up from Inchcape Nottingham on Saturday 😁

I live in Leicestershire - Ashby/Coalville area if anyones up for a meet.



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19 hours ago, Lauren said:

Welcome aboard. Check out the social meets for stuff local to you. There are meets arranged in the West Midlands round Birmingham area as a rule. 

Any plans for it? 

Enjoy. :)

Thanks for the warm welcome all.

Nothing planned for it yet, just want to live with the car first. 

I'm now in a position where I can have something less family friendly so this is my first rear wheel drive sports car. I'm normally a hot hatch kind of guy. Just sold my Peugeot 308 GTi 270. So ultimately I might be looking at improving power?

Expect a few posts/questions on that subject in the future 😀

Can't wait for Saturday now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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