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Diff front bushes part number / sourcing

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Does anyone know the part numbers or where to source the OEM differential front rubber bushes (also known as 'pinion mount' or "outrigger" bushes, not the rear ones)?

I replaced mine with Superpro poly bushes and also having an MFactory4.65 final drive that whines, over time the NVH became unbearable on the road, especially at highway speeds.

Now I am looking to put back the OEM rubber bushes but I can't seem to find a part number. One Toyota dealer said I would have to buy the whole diff casing, they don't sell them separately.

Any ideas ?  Or do you know anyone else that makes rubber soft (not poly) versions of these ?  Otherwise I may have to buy a whole new diff.


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If there is a part number for that bush it will be on this graph. 


Edit: Look at the bottom of the image. There is a comment that the front bush is not coming separately. At least not from the OEM. 


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