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JJB's 86 - The neverending project

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Eyup everybody.


I haven't posted much on here since owning my GT86. Life admin has got in the way! Anyway, since I'm sat in a hotel prior to TRAX tomorrow I thought now would be a great time to start...


I bought the car with just short of 30,000 miles on 5 weeks ago. It sits on around 30700 and I've loved every mile so far. The car had the recall work done before I picked it up (whilst it was for sale).


Anyway I have big plans for this one. I started with some small, tame modifications whilst I read up/understood the platform a little more and decided where I wanted to go. Details of the small mods can be found here:


(Small sidenote, my YouTube channel will feature the whole 'build', processes, ups and downs etc)


There's 11/12 things making its way through the UK postal system to me over the next 14/21 days which will really kick it off.


Here are some stock photos of the car as it stands. Be sure to keep tuned to see more updates/my adventures with the 86. 339023b45bbe1f1d2c36ccc5ca8ec021.jpg5cb752afabc3761a0052aa404e17ebcb.jpg0b32ec5043846390af07ef270e2dba44.jpgdee0b3ef99b30a5607b24c54a61f5368.jpg67a043f0aa42a65b3d489f33b596e428.jpg


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