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Midlands Meet - 15th June (Smokestop BBQ)

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Event Title: Midlands Meet - 15th June (Smokestop BBQ)
Event Author: will300
Event Date: 15.06.2019

Hello Everyone

Myself and @Deacon have decided to host another Midlands lunch time meet, as it's been awhile since the last one. We recently came across an awesome looking BBQ restaurant in Shropshire, called Smoke Stop BBQ. Which looks like an ideal location for a meet and to grab some good food, think big juicy burgers, melt in the mouth steaks, succulent fried chicken, etc, you get the idea.

We are planning to host the meet in a months time, on the 15th of June. If you are interested please confirm below, final numbers need to be confirmed two weeks before hand. 

The car park is of reasonable size, however we expect it to get rather busy. Please can we all aim to get there for 11:30 (no earlier please), this will allow us to park up together. A table has been provisionally booked for 10 people at 12:00.

Here's the menu: http://smokestopbbq.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Menu-for-web.pdf

Thanks for looking.



SmokeStop BBQ
Welshpool Road

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/RJUi2Req3QQi1pZ79

Date: Saturday 15th June

From: 11:30 with lunch booked at 12:00.

Here are some photo's to get your mouth watering:




1. @will300
2. @Deacon
3. @Keethos


Midlands Meet - 15th June (Smokestop BBQ)

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I'm keen on this one and reckon I can do it, but will have to get back for Le Mans. There are some fabulous roads on the way to Shrewsbury as I'm going there regularly lately for work. I notice it's dog friendly, but not sure if Mark would come or not yet. It's in my diary. :)

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