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Driveshaft Shop Propshafts - In Stock GT86 or BRZ

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Had these in stock for a little while now, they're a VERY nice piece of kit.


Those that were at the open day towards the end of the day felt the weight of these, they're incredibly light :)  We weighed the Carbon version at 5.1kg and the Aluminium at 5.7kg. Both versions are rated at over 700bhp. Our stock GT86 Propshaft weighed in at 10.9kg so a very healthy saving!


In stock are both the Aluminium & Carbon Fibre versions.









Click Here to view the Aluminium Propshaft

Click Here to view the Carbon Fibre Propshaft


Thanks folks :) 

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10 minutes ago, rob275 said:

nearly a grand for the carbon one jheeezzz, fancy sponsoring me for no reason at all ? :lol:



Its very awesome though!

I expect the aluminium version to be much more popular :) 

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necroposting... but i've some question

i've got an aluminum dss shaft... and despite it being balanced dinamically i've got a lot of vibrations going on after 120-130kmh 

my car has no modification in engine support or diff support. just heibach springs.... how can i sort this out??

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I had this problem on my old car, iirc at 100 to 110mph it vibrated a lot and then smoothed out again. After the fix It appeared at around 110 to 112mph and then smooth again. Take these speeds with a pinch of salt but you get the idea. 

The Fix. You need to index the shaft and this is done by unbolting the shaft at the diff end and rotating it to the next bolt hole. Bolt it up and go for a test drive and see how it is. If there is no improvement then repeat the process until you find the best position. 

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