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My car is not back to standard so I have my parts for sale.

I am based in Nottingham.

I would rather these items be collected or meet somewhere especially for the larger items but for any that require delivery I will get priced up or the buyer can arrange collection with me.


Ohlins Coilovers MP20 - 1400 + Delivery


Softer version of the MI20 with different spring rates more focused on the road than track. I have had these on the car for 1-2 year and have covered 5-6k on them. Previous owner covered 3-4k. I have had them serviced at Mick Gardner Racing http://mickgardnerracing.com/ . There was slight play in the front left strut which turned out to be a teflon bush that had warn slightly so had them replaced in all struts other than that they are in very good condition. These are without doubt my favourite mod on the car. They are confidence inspiring injust about all road conditions and work very well on track. You can change the springs on these dampners up to 5k spring rates after speaking with Aurok if you fancy a harder spring after that you would need to get them revalved.

Camber Bolts £10 + delivery


Apracing BBK - 1100 + Delivery

These are not floating disk but tbh my use was not full on racing so I saw no need. They will not fit behind standard wheels so you will need aftermarket wheels of the right shape. These over superb stopping power and no fade at all. They have covered 5k. D2500 pads.



Tuning Developments Equal Length Manifold and downpipe - 600 + Delivery Sold 

I think most people have heard of this kit by now. Has been on the car approx 2 years.

Tuning Developments Resonated Exhaust - 350 + Delivery       Sold 


Makes a great sound and is not to intrusive, has been on the car approx 3 years.

WhiteLine Lower control arms - 120 + Delivery


Been on the car for 1-2 years and covered 5-6k


Tuning Developments Oil cooler - 200 + Delivery


Been on the car approx 2 years



Rays Wheels Gram Lights 17*7 5*100 - 480 + Delivery

The sale includes the wheel caps, one of them has been cut due to a bolt being cross threaded and is still stuck in one of the alloys. Also includes Rays Wheel nuts aswell. Sale does not include tyres. Wheels are still on the car but should be off in the next 2 weeks.

One of the wheels does have a buckle but does not effect balancing an I have driven on it with no issues, I have only just discovered this recently.













D1 Spec Oil pressure guage and holder 45 + Delivery


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if there are no major problems with the wheels - I will grab them. Mind you I am based in Glasgow area so could you check out how much will it be for posting them. cheers

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There is lots of pad left pics below.
Fitting instructions are not something I have. Im sure contacting Reyland they could send you some. Unless @Lauren @will300 have some they could post up?

Postage would be quite expensive due to weight @Mike . I am based in Nottingham so maybe we could meet halfway somewhere? Otherwise I can get some quotes together.






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I didn't fit mine, got Gary to do it at RRG. You need to shim them up to get them aligned, I know that much. There are some instructions you get with the calipers. I may still have mine, but will have to dig them out. 

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13 hours ago, Adi said:

Do you need anything else to get the gauge connected and to get the oil pressure readings ?  Is it difficult to do?

I did not fit it myself I had it done at TD. The sender was ran from an oil pressure sandwich plate near the filter so you would need extra parts than just he guage. I had mine fitted at the same time as an oil cooler which funnily enough I also have for sale and is a great track mod ;)

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I have added some more pics of the wheels

fig.1 and Fig.2 are from the same wheel

Fig.3 is from a different wheel.

The wheel cap issue is on a separate wheel other than that the wheels are very clean.

I am open to offer on all items and I have dropped the price of the brakes to 1100 + Del

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Ohlins 1400+del ( I will throw in camber bolts with these)

Oil cooler 200+del

Wheels price 480+del now due to discovery of a sight buckle in one of the wheels.

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