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Volks te37s, STI Brembo full brake kit.

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Bought these but due to change of circumstances could do with the cash at the moment.

Rays Te37 17x7.5 et 48 in decent original condition with slight curbing but nothing you'd notice from a few feet away. Tires have 6-7mm of tread and id like to get as close to £1000 as possible for these

I also have a set of KW V3 coilovers id sell for 1000 if anyone was interested

£1500 Full 2015-16 STI brake kit. I have swapped the bleeders around on the front calipers so that they can be mounted the correct way where they just bolt on and work and bleed perfectly and does not lead to uneven padwear. The calipers are almost new and not the 04-07 calipers that most people get. I have both the front and rear black sti calipers with white STI badge in very good condition with 2 sets of brembo pads. I have also purchased all new mounting bolts, banjo bolts and bleeders for the brakes. They are a direct fit so its just bolt on and it will be a massive improvement to braking over stock. I intend to still do this at some point when I have the cash to throwabout, or right now if theres no takers.

ill upload more pictures of the brake parts if someone is interested as the rest is all in bubble wrap

this is definitely the best budget way to drastically improve braking performance and using subaru oem parts! Most front kits got more than this and arent much better or often worse

Included with the brake kit I have

STI front 4 pot brembo  calipers 

Front 336mm brake disks with black coating

STI rear 2 pot brembo calipers

Rear brake disks with black coating

2 sets of brambo pads

All new mounting bolts, bleeders and banjos



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48 minutes ago, zhuonanli said:

out of curiosity. Any idea what sort of fitting cost will be looking at for the brakes?

Probably around £100 maybe slightly more since I have all the materials its just a matter of swapping everything and bleeding the brakes. round 2 hours labour

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