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  1. Sweet, see you there hopefully!
  2. **** sake I've only just seen this thread. I live 5min away from Hoofbeats 😂 so... whens the next one?
  3. Sam

    New wheels questions

    Thanks Will, they got back to me as well with 8.5kg. So either way they look a bit lighter than stock (9.2kg from what I've read) Yeah its pretty cool, with the subscription (you should get a free trial if you havent used it before) you can change some settings. The one I can remember is switching the fob to one click opens all doors (not worth paying for imo - just get the trial, set the settings you want then just use the free features - you miss out on resetting fault codes but I'm sure there is a cheaper way of doing that)
  4. Sam

    New wheels questions

    1. Good to know! 2. Thats a good point, I will reach out to the retailer to double check that. 3. Ok yeah I understand, are there any comparison websites you can recommend? part of the pain of picking tyres is there is just too much choice, I have no clue what kind I should get to achieve the drive feel I want. Ah ok I do have an OBD2 dongle, so all I need to calibrate the new TPMS sensors is that sensor ID from your screenshot? That would be preferable to avoid having to change what sensors the car reads every time I wanted to swap. Thanks for your help so far guys
  5. Sam

    New wheels questions

    Ah thats good to know. I had read somewhere that you need to calibrate new sensors, and when you do that, the old ones would need 'recalibrating' if you wanted them to register again. Nice to have some options! Haha, I didn't mean I wanted to buy 2nd hand or something, just that for the characteristics I'm after, I don't need a premium tyre. (I think? Feel free to correct me) I see PS4's recommended all the time, but I don't think I would be a fan of the superior grip in the wet. Low speed fun keeps my licence in one piece!
  6. Sam

    New wheels questions

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting some new wheels, and as I am new to modifying thought I would come to you to hopefully point me in the right direction! (This would be the first mod I'm doing to change the characteristics of the drive - so want to be sure I'm not ruining it!) After much consideration I've settled on JR3 17x8 ET35. I just want to make sure I am making the right choice before going for it. 1) I hear you need to take the TPMS sensors from the old wheels (or get new ones - but I hear that is an extra hassle, so would prefer moving the old ones) and put them into the new wheels - I assume whoever would fit the tyres would be able to do this? 2) With going to 8 width I am thinking of going to 225 tyres, what would be a good recommendation considering I'm absolutely not interested in grippier tyres, I like the way the primacy tyres handle in the wet, and obviously I would like cheap ones. Can anyone recommend where would be a good place to get them from? 3) Does anyone know the weight of these wheels or JR wheels in general? I have seen that they're supposed to be a bit lighter than stock but that was some random forum post, so would like confirmation on this random post as well 😛 Thanks in advance for helping this scrub find his way! If you have any info on things I might not have considered this would also be appreciated. Pride and joy attached since I haven't actually posted a pic yet