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  1. Graham86


    What did they sell for originally?
  2. Graham86

    Bonnet struts / bonnet alarm

    The plunger in the bonnet is on a light bracket, I knocked mine a few weeks back. With one hand you can put it back in place.
  3. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    The only thing that's changed in the time it's been installed, I've swapped the dash facia from the OEM 2 part plastic, to a 1 peace. The new is a snug fit, round the front, but I can't image that and the removal of a panel gap has caused extra temperature to be trapped? I've made sure all the cables aren't trapped up against the rear of the unit. I'm using the head unit amp.
  4. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Looks like it's a hardware issue. I've taken the dash off and run it without this fitted, no issues. So it looks like it could be overheating. I can't see why, it has plenty of air flow around it.
  5. Graham86

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    They seem to hide extra costs well! I took out a policy asking for agreed valuation and listed the mods on the phone, plus the values. Only to find out later, I had to pay extra to get it all fully covered. Cant say I was impressed.
  6. Graham86

    What Spark plugs

    I got mine from Toyota and they were a similar cost to above, plus they are matched to the engine and ignition system. After 30k they old ones looked brand new. I only changed mine as I had the engine apart for other reasons. You don't need to lift the engine out or rock it on the mounts.
  7. Graham86

    Brake pressure bleeder

    If not, I've been using one of these for about 10 years: https://www.screwfix.com/p/gunson-brake-bleeding-kit-14-piece-set/33881#_=p
  8. I've bought a Cosworth kit from them direct, about a month ago. It's a very good kit and support. You do get some whine and can be heard fine with the stock exhaust. I've gone for the smaller pulley and there's no overheating issues.
  9. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Has anyone had an issue with this head unit? Mine runs for about 90mins maybe a bit longer, then re-boots and I'm left with the attached screen. When I plug in a USB keyboard and select try again, it's fine and starts running okay. Any ideas?
  10. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    Ooo interesting, sounds like the re-tune is on the rich side and could be effecting them, or they don't have enough scrubbing power for that richness. I'm FI.
  11. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    Hopefully. I'm not making any changes until I'm directly effected. They struggle to enforce the non use of mobiles, I can't see how they can police this too. Far to much work compared to obvious infringements!
  12. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    Problems when N/A or FI? If the tune is to rich, the cat won't like it and cause it to not work 100%
  13. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    It was recommended on here.
  14. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    Yep, road legal for emissions. I'm running and ACE 4-2-1 manifold, BERK high flow cat.
  15. Graham86

    Noise cameras

    I tested mine today with my phone. I calibrated the app before in a quiet room as it suggested. The phone was placed on a block of wood, level with the exhaust 3m away. The background noise was approximately 45-50db. Cold start max was 68db (auto throttle blip on the data log was 1926rpm) and settled at about 60db. Half throttle up to 4000rpm then held, peaked at 82db and settled at 75db. This is only a crude test I know, but not that loud as first thought. I did also hold the phone up to one side, right by the exhaust and it didn't go up by much.