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  1. I wouldn't part from my Cosworth charger, after having to make a similar choice. I fitted it myself about 6 months ago and and from an engineering point of view, it's very good indeed. Very good support too.
  2. Graham86

    Garage door recommendations please

    Mines the same from Roller Doors ltd.
  3. Graham86

    Nige's GT86

    You can get them 3d printed with full infill
  4. Graham86

    Modified car in Spain

    I'm probably moving to Spain later this year. Does anyone know about having a modified car in Spain and what is permitted? So far I've fitted a supercharger and modified exhaust. I can either import my car or buy one there and transfer the parts (if I can find one, only found 2 GT86s online in Spain, so far).
  5. Graham86

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    I'd be interested for a 12-16 model. I can fit myself and can help others.
  6. That's cheap for the plugs from the dealer! Mine were £85 the other month. Is that plus VAT?
  7. Graham86


    They only check the pipework normally. Ifthe leak is integral to the compressor, they won't find it very easy. If you run your air con at least once a month for 30mins, you should be fine. Otherwise the oring seals dry up in the compressor and leak. The gas works as a lubricant.
  8. Fair play. Is it N/A or forced induction?
  9. Graham86

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    If you do get to the point of wanting to order, I'm sure others would want bits too, me included, this may bring the costs down a little.
  10. Wow tyres that often, you must push it really hard all the time! That or you are running a very soft compound of tyre. I spin up the rears on mine regularly, and don't go through them that quickly. How many miles do you get for £300?
  11. Graham86


    What did they sell for originally?
  12. Graham86

    Bonnet struts / bonnet alarm

    The plunger in the bonnet is on a light bracket, I knocked mine a few weeks back. With one hand you can put it back in place.
  13. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    The only thing that's changed in the time it's been installed, I've swapped the dash facia from the OEM 2 part plastic, to a 1 peace. The new is a snug fit, round the front, but I can't image that and the removal of a panel gap has caused extra temperature to be trapped? I've made sure all the cables aren't trapped up against the rear of the unit. I'm using the head unit amp.
  14. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Looks like it's a hardware issue. I've taken the dash off and run it without this fitted, no issues. So it looks like it could be overheating. I can't see why, it has plenty of air flow around it.
  15. Graham86

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    They seem to hide extra costs well! I took out a policy asking for agreed valuation and listed the mods on the phone, plus the values. Only to find out later, I had to pay extra to get it all fully covered. Cant say I was impressed.