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  1. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    I've opened it up for anyone that's interested to see what’s inside. The heatsink is miles away from the chip and the thermal pad looks like it would act as an insulator, more than a conductor.
  2. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Credit card company is now involved, as the original seller has gone into administration. Yes it's "has" a 2 year warranty, but xtrons have said go to the seller and when I told them they had gone into administration (which they already knew), it's going to cost me £160 for parts.
  3. Graham86

    Steering Wheel Locks

    I had a the pro elite and it's okay. Occasionally I manage to sound the horn, but I find if you park with the wheel so the tail of the lock is pointing to the window and the black lock part by the door, it's no worries. I got one because a Merc down my road got stolen, without the keys, as it's keyless entry and start. The other way to combat the keyless issue, it to keep them in a metal box.
  4. Graham86

    EU GT86 modified insurance

    What country are you moving to? I'm going through the same, as I'm moving to Spain in January for work.
  5. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    I've been offered a new main bored, at the price of £160. Thanks Xtrons.co.uk 🙄
  6. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Car Audio Point had a Chinese national as a director and from digging about, they were Xtrons UK. Now I’m certain there’s no warranty, I’ll open it up and replace the thermal paste and see how it goes. The EAN Group email has given me a firmware update, built late 2018.
  7. Graham86

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    Be wary of buying a Xtrons head unit Mine has gone faulty after 9months and now struggling to get it fixed under warranty. The original seller has gone into administration, Car Audio Point, part of the EAN group. As when you search for EAN group it points you to Car Audio Point’s website, which has now gone. I contacted Xtrons directly via their website and I have been told by them to contact the original seller. The support emails are coming from EAN group. Xtrons claim their units come with a 2 year warranty, but this may not be the case anymore…. I’ll let you know of any further developments.
  8. Graham86


    Have you got a lot of fuel on overun and it's igniting in the exhaust?
  9. Graham86

    Insurance cost of forced induction

    I did agreed value 6months ago, with the Cosworth charger and all new exhaust and it wasn't much more than that.
  10. Graham86

    Blown Engine?

    Nothing to do with the engine, it's injector or injector control. The noise you here will be one cylinder dieseling if the injector isn't firing, or not being told to fire, or the injector itself is making the noise, if it's not happy. The reason it's only at higher revs is you have 2 sets on injectors, high and low pressure, it's probably the high pressure one that's giving an issue.
  11. I'd be interested to see this when it's done as a comparison.
  12. This is interesting, I've not had to cut or dent anything for my fitment. I have a bit of hard rubber just to stop it wearing the paint.
  13. I wouldn't part from my Cosworth charger, after having to make a similar choice. I fitted it myself about 6 months ago and and from an engineering point of view, it's very good indeed. Very good support too.
  14. Graham86

    Garage door recommendations please

    Mines the same from Roller Doors ltd.
  15. Graham86

    Nige's GT86

    You can get them 3d printed with full infill