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  1. CharlieBatchelor95

    2017 Tuning Developments Turbo GT86

    Hi Mate ive got no issues with rubbing I’m running aftermarket wheels 18x8.5. No issues clearing speed bumps just have to take them a bit slower but can get over everything. live down a road with bumps and no issues
  2. CharlieBatchelor95

    2017 Tuning Developments Turbo GT86

    Price Drop to £16,500 open to sensible offers
  3. Hi All, For sale is my 2017 Tuning Developments Turbo Charged Toyota GT86 in Hot Lava Metallic paint. Details: Price: £17000 Transmission: Manual Mileage: 23000 (May increase due to daily usage) Year: 2017 (Pre-Facelift) Owners: I’m the 3rd Owner MOT: 30/03/2021 I brought this car standard as an ex-demonstrator, during my ownership the cars gone through a number of modifications: Fensport OEM Armrest 35% Tint JR29 Wheels 18x8.5 ET30 (Recently refurbished in gloss black with colour code orange accents) TunedUK Eibach Springs (40mm Drop) BC Adjustable Drop Links Scorpion Resonated 2nd Decat Invidia N1 Titanium CatBack Five Three Shift Knob TD Stage 1 Turbo Kit with UEL Manifold (280BHP) Exedy Clutch & MTEC Shift Springs XTRONS Android 9 Headunit Footwell LEDs Toyota OEM carbon mirror caps and boot protector Private plate not included in sale standard plate RO17 ZKK to go back on 2 Keys Through my ownership the car has been faultless and always maintained to a high standard recently having its full 2nd service completed by Abbey Motorsport just a few days ago. I have receipts and all paperwork for modifications and work completed on the car. Reason for sale is due to buying a property and needing to free up cash. The car is currently on finance however this will be cleared in front of the buyer at the point of transaction. I’m open to sensible offers within reason but any questions please get in touch. Car is located in Welling, Kent (DA16)
  4. CharlieBatchelor95

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Honestly I couldn't recommend the TD Kit enough after I had a ride in a friends Avo car I knew I had to go FI at that point. The difference between Avo and TD is quite noticeable I think, the TD Kit comes on much sooner in the rev range and pulls smoother where the Avo seems to come on later and harder guess it depends how you drive the car but personally I think the TD Kit is perfectly suited for the 86
  5. CharlieBatchelor95

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Only just seen this haven't been that active on the forum just getting back into it. The Turbo Kit is absolutely immense cant believe how much its transformed the car, its amazing with what it keeps up with now and is a weapon on a B road now
  6. CharlieBatchelor95

    200mm Android Head Unit?

    I've recently just installed this unit in my car couldn't recommend it enough https://www.incarmusic.co.uk/car-stereos-media/car-specific-stereos/toyota-oem-headunit.html
  7. CharlieBatchelor95

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Interesting about the volume of your exhaust I'd have thought being catted would've kept the noise/drone down to a more tolerable level, hopefully the TD mid-pipe sorts out the issues you're having with it. Don't see any reason why it won't fit unless TD use custom fitment on their exhausts. The remap will give you so many features and improve the torque that'll make it a whole lot more drivable not too long to wait I've never been in an 86 on lowering springs but a lot of people use them so must be an improvement, but I can 100% recommend the Tein Coilovers its my favourite modification on the car I thought it was good before but this transformed it. Seems like you've got plenty of ideas though!
  8. CharlieBatchelor95

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    😂 as always modifying a cars a slippery slope, with a platform like the 86 there's so much you can do I was originally going for a Cobra Resonated system however the Invidia come up at a price I couldn't turn down, if I'm honest with my current setup its brutally loud on full chat... Cruising isn't too bad but drone is a real problem on the motorway hoping the turbo quietens it down a little bit. I brought mine used so got a fairly good deal, Its transformed the car completely the standard suspension wasn't bad at all however the car just sat to high. I've dropped mine about 40mm and the handling is amazing now I'm running 2.5 degrees of negative camber in the rear at the minute need to get some adjustable lower control arms but am tempted to leave it as is handling is perfect the smallest steering input does so much more over stock.
  9. CharlieBatchelor95

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    Picked up my 2017 Pre-Facelift GT86 back in June 2019. Done the following mods so far: Fensport Leather Arm-Rest 35% Tints all round JR29 18" Wheels Tein Flex Z Coilovers BC Adjustable Drop Links Cobra UEL Decatted Manifold Scorpion Resonated 2nd Decat Invidia N1 Catback TD Stage 1 Turbo Kit and Stage 1 clutch being installed next week
  10. CharlieBatchelor95

    CatBack Wanted

    Hi All, Recently had a Cobra UEL Decat manifold and Scorpion resonated Decat pipe fitted looking for a Resonated catback to complete the setup before mapping preferably a Cobra system but open to other options. budget around £300, located in Welling (DA16) thanks in advance
  11. CharlieBatchelor95

    Coilovers Wanted

    Hi All, Sorry for the late replies, this thread can be closed I picked up a used set of Tein Flex Z Coilovers which I fitted to my car yesterday. Thanks!
  12. CharlieBatchelor95

    Essex Crew Mid Week Meeting August

    I should be able to make this one.
  13. CharlieBatchelor95

    Coilovers Wanted

    Hi Lucas, Thanks for the Link! Much appeciated. Just comparing these and the BC's as found I can get both new for about £50 Difference Thanks Charlie