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  1. Neil-h

    Anyone heard of these??

    Yup, there's tonnes of people on here running various aftermarket manifolds with out the pre-cat with no problem at all. The only point it can get a little iffy is if you fit a higher flow cat but then that's just one of those things. If memory serves me from the good old days of Subarus, the pre-cat is only there to get the car under a particular level for type approval. The emission threshold for the MOT is actually significantly higher but they have to come from the factory with the pre-cat as that's what they type approval was awarded with.
  2. Neil-h

    Anyone heard of these??

    Honestly you've got nothing to worry about if you're keeping the main cat, the pre-cat doesn't do an awful lot. I've had a TD manifold on my car for several years now and it's passed the emmissions test with no problems at all, in fact it passes easily even after i fitted the supercharger.
  3. Neil-h

    Spigot ring issue

    Have a look at the Rays hub rings, they don’t have the tapered section at the bottom. Have a chat with Lucas at Part-box, pretty sure that’s where I bought mine.
  4. Have you lowered the suspension already? As by my understanding dropping the right height will also achieve the same result as long as the suspension is loaded.
  5. Neil-h

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    How are you going to adjust the geometry then? There's very little in the way of adjustability at either end.
  6. Neil-h

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    This is the big one to be honest. That and the fact you'll need camber bolts for the front and replacement suspension arms for the rear to get the geometry sorted.
  7. I doubt you’ll ever manage to find any concrete data to say this won’t prematurely kill wheel bearings but anecdotally, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. ET35 is pretty much the go to offset for fitting wheels that size to a GT86 and I’ve never seen any complaints of premature bearing death.
  8. Neil-h

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    It’s worth pointing out that the reason the TVS900 is more efficient is because it’s a much smaller blower. Consequently if the buyer decides they want more power in the future they’ll find the limit of the Cosworth kit a lot earlier as it simply isn’t capable of moving as much air as the Harrop kit.
  9. Neil-h

    GT86 Exhaust Systems

    This is probably the single biggest thing to decide before buying anything. If you decide to remove the precat (I.e. fit an aftermarket manifold) then the resonated Cobra will still be ludicrously loud. I had a hell of a saga with exhaust systems going from; stock > cobra non-res > cobra non-res+TD manifold > cobra res+TD manifold > TD super res+TD manifold The Cobra resonated cat back is probably ok as long as you keep the stock manifold. If you don’t then then TD super res keeps exhaust noise just the happy side of loud.
  10. Neil-h

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Yeah you really do 👍
  11. Neil-h

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    Think that’s an artefact of the HKS blower kit tbh. The Harrop kit pulls really nicely from 3k ish RPM in 5th (and is still reasonable in 6th) so overtaking stuff is no big deal. Also for what it’s worth (given your HKS blower is long dead), Cosworth/Harrop/Edelbrock all use off the shelf blowers from Eaton so the reliability is well proven across the automotive industry. Assuming it’s a factory turbo the TT is probably twin scroll, hence the nice response. Unfortunately (as far as I’m aware) there’s no one offering twin scroll kits for the GT86 at the moment as that could be a good way to go.
  12. Neil-h

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    Sure the Harrop kit isn’t cheap but you can see where all the money goes in the quality of the engineering. I fitted mine myself and the ease it goes together shows just how much work Harrop put in during the design process. Then you’ve got the way it looks, as others have said already you honestly wouldn’t know it was after market. Going back to the OP, I’m getting around 33mpg on a gentle commute and down to 29 or so if making progress.
  13. Neil-h

    MartinT's BRZ

    I’m using camber bolts as well. I did look at adjustable top mounts but they’re seriously expensive and only really necessary if you’re wanting more than 1-2 degrees of camber (or your going really low and want to get back to stock ish camber).
  14. Neil-h

    MartinT's BRZ

    Hi Martin, nice to meet you to. It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially with the joys of lockdown. As for the Bilsteins, it’s hard to say too much from the run round the M25 but initial signs are promising. The ride is a bit firmer but not to the point of being uncomfortable, so that’s a good start. The other thing I’ve noticed is it feels a lot more focused now (the suspension that came off wasn’t hellishly worn but the new set feels tighter), so I’m really looking forward to going out for a proper drive to see what it’ll do.
  15. Neil-h

    MartinT's BRZ

    That's good to hear Martin. I'm booked in in a couple of weeks to have a B12 kit fitted (plus the geometry bits etc you've listed) so hearing your throughts is reassuring. I wasn't to worried as reviews for other cars sounded promising but it's always nice to hear from someone with the same car. 👍