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  1. Neil-h

    dash speakers

    The RCA connections you're plugged into are almost certainly pre-outs, so they aren't powerful enough to drive speakers on their own. You'll need an amplifier if you want to use them to power your speakers.
  2. Neil-h

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Roger Clarke Motorsport will do you a forged/decked EJ20 short block for far less than you’d have expected. 👍 Cool project though, that Pure automotive ECU kit looks really quite impressive. Though you do pay for it.
  3. What’s Mark wanting for the Harrop kit these days? I spoke to him around 12 months ago and it was around £5200 for the DIY kit but the exchange rates been all over the place since.
  4. Not meaning to thread hijack (but it's relevant). What made people choose the Cosworth supercharger over the Harrop kit or vice-versa? I've been doing some research on both and am really struggling to decide between the two. The larger blower of the Harrop kit looks to give more headroom for future mods but the smaller blower in the Cosworth kit gives less parasitic loss.
  5. Neil-h

    Big brake kit time?

    Though I recognised that posting style 😂
  6. Neil-h

    Dash lifting above heater vents??

    Yup, that’s exactly what mine looks like. Slightly irritating given the car wasn’t even 3 years old when I first noticed it. http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1836860 As for fixing, is this the FT86Club thread you’re looking at John?
  7. Neil-h

    Dash lifting above heater vents??

    Any chance someone can post a photo of their dash? Mines developed a dip in the middle so I’d be interested to see if we’re talking the same problem.
  8. Neil-h

    Big brake kit time?

    I hate to divert from this little bun fight for a second but I need to know. Tubbytommy, were you on Scoobynet several years back?
  9. How did you find the exhaust noise with the complete TD system?
  10. Hi all, I know this is a bit of a how longs a piece of string question but it'd be useful to have some (even vague) indication, what sort of price increases have people seen on their insurance when going turbod/supercharged? Ta Neil
  11. Neil-h

    Deacons '86

    Think somebody needs a supercharger 😁 That last video almost looked like the Elise was holding you up in the bends but there was no way you were getting passed on the straights (unless the driver decided to let you through) 'cus of the difference in acceleration.
  12. Neil-h

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    Dunno. The amount I posted earlier was based on the individual component prices on Verus’ website.
  13. Neil-h

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    Balls, so much for that idea then. Back to squirreling money away for the supercharger 😂
  14. Neil-h

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    Yeah i reckon i could swing it if it was under £1500 but the man maths just rounds it the wrong way at that price. That being said i could live without the suspension covers and possibly the splitter end plates, which gets it down to something in the region of £1125
  15. Neil-h

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    Ouch, that’s a fair bit more than I’d hoped it would be.