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  1. McDude


    Welcome! Everyone knows the BRZ is the cooler car, it's only us Subaru owners that will say it out loud.
  2. McDude

    Air Conditioning - One side cold, other not

    It will be a blend door sticking - the AC unit is working because otherwise it wouldn't come out cold. The blend doors are the mechanisms inside the ducting that send air this way and that. Which one is stuck and how do you get to it without tearing apart your dash? Can't help there unfortunately
  3. McDude

    FOCAL IS TOY 165 - Not that impressed?

    I've found them to be pretty good - it's not audiophile stuff but as @MartinT has said, it never will be in these cars. What you are describing, @Willson777 doesn't sound right (some pun intended!) they maybe won't knock your socks off but they should sound decent and should certainly be heard! Maybe check the set up in your head unit?
  4. McDude

    Replacement Head Unit Which/Installation?

    That's what the USB lead is for - to make your centre console USB work with your headunit and allow CarPlay to function. I've seen some run the USB to underneath the armrest (if you have one) which is a very neat solution as that is usually where your phone sits. The problem with the centre console is you always have the lead going across the gearstick.
  5. McDude

    Replacement Head Unit Which/Installation?

    I had to look up my old post to remind me of how I did it: Pioneer SPH-DA120 Install and Review - ICE/Electrical - Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Drivers Club Yes, just those connectors - was a piece of p1ss to install with those.
  6. McDude

    Replacement Head Unit Which/Installation?

    The easiest way (though also costs a few quid) is jumper looms, none of the wires match up colour wise! The wiring is common between the GT86 and the BRZ and it's the Toyota architecture. If I recall you need three looms, an ISO loom, a USB loom (so your USB still works) and an antenna loom.
  7. McDude

    MartinT's BRZ

    I had no idea such a thing existed. I've just googled it and I'm not sure I could bring myself to use such a tea-cosy. While I said it was like the original Puma, it is nothing like as bad as that; the Billetworkz part is a bit chilly, you'd swear the part on the Puma had active cooling in it. The Puma part was bare aluminium whereas these have a thick paint layer on them so I think that takes the edge off.
  8. McDude

    MartinT's BRZ

    Fans of cold gearknobs look no further!
  9. McDude

    MartinT's BRZ

    I have one of these in white, red font but no STI etching. It looks and feels great... except on a cold day! Reminds me of the original Puma which had a similar metal bulb, changing gear with my sleeve pulled down 😄
  10. McDude

    scraping/squeaking noise pulling away - Suspension?

    I can't hear anything in the clip. It's not the brake wear indicators going off is it? There are little metal springs/clips that start to make a squeal as your pads start to wear down. I had this on my fronts and thought the PAS pump was failing as it was worse with lock applied.
  11. McDude

    Semi-forged engines

    If there isn't a puddle of oil on the floor the only places it can go are into the combustion chamber or leaking out the turbo and into the exhaust (and burning there). If it's coming out the turbo I'd expect you to see smoke, which you say you don't see. What do your exhaust tips look like? This should be creating a fair bit of soot for that much oil even if it doesn't appear as smoke. As this is a rebuilt engine my guess is the crankcase is getting pressurised and the oil is coming up via the rings and burning in the cylinders. What do your spark plugs look like? They'd be pretty black if this is happening. But you might not see it in smoke coming out the back.
  12. McDude

    Semi-forged engines

    Assume you are running a lot of boost to get 400bhp so is the crank case getting unduly pressurised to create pullover? Is the ring pack up to the job? Is it the engine? Is the turbo pulling oil?
  13. McDude

    Sell With or Without Mods

    The problem with mods is that you need to find someone who values the exact mods you've done. Even in that case they will likely only give you a fraction of what you paid. If you can be bothered, put it back to OE spec and I think you'll get more for the car as it is then unmolested in the eyes of the buyer. You've got some high value mods there that would sell pretty easily on their own.
  14. McDude

    All four brake discs worn at 50000 miles

    I just did my fronts at 40k miles. If anything, lack of use over lockdown made things worse with the discs being rusty every time I used it. I'd say 40k miles is low for a mass market car but high for a performance vehicle. As the parts are cheap I'm not complaining. I went for stock fit Brembo discs and pads and there is a big improvement to stopping and pedal feel.