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  1. McDude

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    I love your new wheel - I've just had mine retrimmed almost identically. But you've managed to flatten the bottom, very slick! How are you going to get the plastics to marry up though?
  2. McDude

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    The build is looking great - I have a question about this picture, I know it's not your car, but do you know what alloys they are on it?
  3. Hint - they run fine on 95RON too! The engine has a knock sensor so will pull out spark and I doubt most of us would notice the difference if it is running retarded. Marketplace fuel in the UK often comes out at ~96+RON so it usually runs better than the fuels the cars were developed on (they are usually developed to a reference fuel rather than actual marketplace). Maybe on a hot day under high load you might push it to knock on 95RON. All said, I run mine on whatever premium fuel is available at the time. Engine never knocks and pulls just fine. Only combustion issue I ever had was on old spark plugs.
  4. McDude

    Re-trimmed Steering Wheel

    Good job!
  5. McDude

    Re-trimmed Steering Wheel

    I know there are plenty of aftermarket options for steering wheels, but I wanted to go OEM+ so I got a wheel trimmed up on exchange (they trim up a wheel they have in stock and you send your old one back once you've got the new one) by https://royalsteeringwheels.com/ The result is fantastic, beautiful materials, perfect stitching. Really highly recommended. I went for perforated leather, like the OE part - but much better leather, around the grips and alcantara top and bottom. Red stitching and a centre stripe - I know the centre stripe can be a bit nobby, but I think it looks great! I've always liked the stock wheel but just wanted it clad in something better!
  6. McDude

    BRZ not starting - suspect immobiliser

    That wouldn’t explain why it won’t crank with jumper leads.
  7. So my BRZ has seen very little use over the past weeks and whilst the battery is relatively new even it won't hold a charge forever. I've had to jump start it a week ago and thought it would be okay for another week, however when I went to start it there was no response to the key fob at all. I opened the door with the key and the alarm went off (though not especially loud) it still wouldn't recognise the key and any key button presses. Connected up jump leads and had a good connection, I could even operate the electric windows! But no cranking. Battery is new in the key fob, it's as if the alarm/immo isn't recognising it. Car is at work so only tried with one key fob, the one I had, so I could try the other, but it's a pain getting down there and would need to take jump leads etc. What I mean is when I go I'd like it to be to get the car started so if there is a known procedure to get the alarm/immo working and/or the key recognition that would be a massive help.
  8. That logic would suggest that going straight to switch backwards would do nothing, this isn't the case as it does switch the seats on.
  9. I personally rate the leather/alcantara seats in the lux, I think it looks much nicer than the cloth, but that is only personal. I also really like a heated seat, in my car the rocker switch is forward for high, back for low i.e. both ways on the rocker switches them on, you don't have to go to the high setting first. My car also has the arm-rest which I'd previously assumed was part of the Lux Pack, but maybe the previous owner had it fitted as an additional option. Either way, if I was buying another BRZ I'd get the Lux pack again.
  10. McDude

    Cambridge Subaru

    If you're in Braintree, why aren't you using Perkins Subaru? Surely much closer? I'm not promoting them, just curious. They did my valve recall and seemed to have done a good job.
  11. Sorry if you already mentioned this and I missed it: what future warranty are they offering you on this work? ie you had a perfectly good engine, if it fails in a year do you have any comeback? Even if the failure was due to the rework it can be very difficult to successfully argue the point. Not saying you’re doing the wrong thing getting the work done, only interested because my car also needs the rework and the dealer is being slow to get back to me. I may take elsewhere but Subaru dealers are in short supply. Whilst it is the same work as the Toyota, I doubt a Toyota dealership would take it on.
  12. McDude

    Where Did You Buy?

    I got mine from a BMW dealership - they'd got it in as a trade in and had priced it too cheaply. They put it on Autotrader at 10pm and I called them they minute they opened the next day. I didn't even haggle, it really was too cheap and I didn't want to miss out. The dealer reckoned he'd never had so many calls about one car. 18 months on and it still looks a bargain against other BRZs.
  13. McDude

    Hi All Just Picked Up a BRZ Yesterday

    I also have a Scottish plated Mica Blue BRZ in Essex! It's worked out well for me!!! Welcome.
  14. Yes - what Vad said. Nothing to hit and they control the cars so no one is going at the same time so I wouldn't bother.
  15. I've done this training 3 or 4 times in the past and it is absolutely brilliant! This was a long time ago though and in an Elise; I didn't find it tough on tyres, but then again it was an Elise which is notoriously good on tyres! The description of the day above is pretty spot on but they will tailor the advice to suit your ability. I have pondered doing this again in the BRZ as you could have a lot of fun on the high speed corner.