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  1. I've seen a couple let go with no boost at all, its a total lottery. Some of the US cars are running 400+ bhp on stock rods and I think the TD dev car is currently running ~380bhp on a stock engine.
  2. Keep an eye on it, engine bay temps get well beyond the glass / deformation temperature of PLA (~50c). It's probably helped by constantly having cold air rushing past it but you definitely don't want that plug deforming and letting unfiltered air in or worse, being sucked into the intake.
  3. You're arguably in better hands with Subaru they will be more familiar with the engine configuration.
  4. I'm pretty sure based on your description you wont be disappointed with that combination.
  5. Finally pulled the trigger on a turbo install from Mike at TD. I couldn't be happier, the car feels incredible. Mike was super helpful all the way through, couldn't have asked for better communication. Even went the extra mile (literally) - making an hour long trip up to KSport HQ to pick up replacement calipers for me after they sent out the wrong ones to make sure all the work was done in time for my pickup. If you're in any doubt about pulling the trigger on this - stop wasting time and go for it, you wont find a better option.
  6. My journey was: TD UEL Manifold only (stock mid pipe and back box)- louder but still extremely quiet compared to any aftermarket exhaust I've heard, you would barely notice it was there unless you were on it. TD UEL + Resonated mid pipe (comes with the exhaust)+ TD back box - Surprisingly loud it's the type of exhaust that draws attention even when you are driving sensibly I was genuinely surprised how loud it was. A little bit droney at motorway speeds. TD Turbo + UEL + decat front pipe( no resonator )+ Super resonated mid pipe + TD back box - This was perfect for me - car sounds a lot throatier than stock at idle/sensible driving and definitely louder but not really attention grabbing for non car people. Think something like a V8 F type or GTR (although sadly not quite the same soundtrack...) When you are on it its much louder than stock but still follows the theme of sounding like a loud OEM system rather than being attention seeking. No drone at all on motorways. Still have the resonated pipe- might throw it back on for car shows when I actually am attention seeking😄
  7. With the manifold, the stock exhaust is louder than stock but yeah things will definitely be louder. Also worth noting if you decide you don't like it you can buy a mid pipe with a smaller resonator to up the volume, I did the same in reverse.
  8. It's louder than stock, I previously had the resonated version which was surprisingly loud and decided to swap over when I had the turbo installed. Without a turbo yours wont sound identical to mine but id imagine the volume will be similar - My turbo will drop the volume a little but I also have no cats without which things are a bit louder.
  9. I've got that setup, don't have a db reading for you but id be shocked if it was over any track limits, it sounds great but it's not at all loud.
  10. Adam9

    Lauren's GT86 100K miles and onwards

    Good to see you today Lauren, my trip back was fun, especially M6 toll drag gates😄 Shame about all the metalwork in my boot...
  11. Adam9

    Parts from japan

    No, sadly we are not regardless of EU/not EU.
  12. Adam9

    James' '86 Build

    For the sake of clarity - for road use and a lot of casual track use almost all wheels are 'safe'. Catastrophic failures when you aren't already mid crash ploughing sideways into a kerb are incredibly rare. That's a pretty classic design pretty much everyone offers some variation of it, you'd be hard pressed to figure out who was the first. TSW Venoms looked similar and they came out about 25 years ago.
  13. Adam9

    James' '86 Build

    Largely it's about the fact that rota's wheels all copy the designs of other established wheel manufacturers, they are not alone in this though. Rays are a high end JDM brand that tend to make new designs. They are one of the most copied manufacturers.
  14. Adam9

    2012 gt86 breaking

    Hi how much for the driver's side sun visor? Cheers
  15. Adam9

    Nexens on Gt86

    Some people just don't drive hard so they mistakenly don't see the value in having your car properly connected to the planet. If it's got a service history I wouldn't say it's a red flag though.
  16. Adam9

    BBK or better discs/pads

    That solves that then, will just get some yellow stuff pads on for now and sort the BBK next month. Turbo install starts this Saturday. Which also gives me a chance to use.... bcs-automotive.co.uk to paint the calipers. There's a discount here i ended up getting by contacting them but not buying anything , seems to be a generic link their marketing system pumps out: (its the same company as above) https://pimpmycalipers.com/brake-caliper-painting-deal01 Does anyone know if the AP racing calipers have a raised logo or is it just painted/stencilled on?
  17. Adam9

    BBK or better discs/pads

    Cars in for a turbo next week, you've got me thinking about getting the Reyland kit sooner rather than later Vanko. How long did it take them to arrive after your order @Lauren? Just wondering if I should get them delivered here or straight to TD.
  18. Adam9

    Adjustable toe?

    Someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly but from what I know, the stock toe arms have adjustment but depending on how for you've gone they can run out of headroom and then would need to be replaced with aftermarket arms.
  19. Adam9

    Where Did You Buy?

    Private sale from a guy on the owners club
  20. I have a pearl white which is a notoriously difficult colour to match, has anyone got any experience with these in that colour? I know a few have bought them in other colours and have generally been impressed.
  21. Adam9

    Is the GT86 going to be safe for my girlfriend?

    It will be absolutely fine, if anything just go out with her driving and get the back end to step out so she knows what the vsc feels like.
  22. Just don't like the look of it from any angle at all. It doesn't make me think of the old supra either.
  23. Adam9

    New owner questions

    The engine in the GT is definitely more usable than the 2zz in my old Celica 190 but has so much less character, everything else about the car runs rings around the Celica but I did enjoy the feeling of the variable valve lift coming on.
  24. Adam9

    Is remapping nessecary if installing uel header?

    Both I believe, getting some lovely pops and crackles at the moment! I have it booked in Saturday to a 'friendly' garage.
  25. Adam9

    Is remapping nessecary if installing uel header?

    Just got of the phone to the garage who have failed my car for emissions running the TD UEL - will a remap help with this at all, are the emissions worse with the engine running rich?