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  1. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Definitely much easier to implement, and less questions from the officer. By the way, does your bonnet fit perfectly? Mine sits a tad lower than stock, but sticks out above the wheel arches.
  2. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    To be honest, I don't like the square look of the bonnet too much. I've seen some projects around the internet and they've inspired me to try out some vinyl in photoshop. Check out this before-and-after image: What do you guys think? Is it too S2000ish? Are the gills wrapped white too ricey?
  3. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Can I rename the topic? Maybe Rat86 has a bad karma.
  4. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Installed the new CF parts. Bonnet is an easy job, bolts right on. I think I need a pair of hood pins for extra security at high speeds. Haven't yet decided between simple pins and aerocatch locks. Looks great when clean or covered in snow. Boot lid is a different story. Stock bolts are too long, I had to use washers. Plate lights did not fit, so I will have to dremel the openings. Also will need to drill the inner plastic to attach the stock carpet liner. I've left one of the two dampers for now, it seems to do it's job for a lighter lid. I also bought a tow strap that I want to attach to the boot on the inside, so it would act as a handle when I want to close the lid. Not yet sure about the exact place to attach it, but presumably in the very middle of the thing, through a custom cut in the carpet liner. Roof cover though has turned into a nightmare. I wouldn't stay flat on the roof when I glued it on, so I had to leave paint buckets for a day to hold it in place and let the glue do the job. Vainly. Water got in there and ruined the bond, so on my next ride the roof cover took off. Now I have a white roof with about 90 visible dents from hail and bits of black glue all over it. Everyone is welcome to make fun of the situation, but do not ask me to post any pictures of it.
  5. undercharged

    Winter Tyres

    I'm spinning a set of Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2 on stock 17-inch rims. They feel soft and a bit heavy, but grip like crazy on frozen roads.
  6. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    It's been quite a long time since I've last reported on what's going on with my 86. I've managed to repair some hail-damaged body parts, namely the side of the car. Everything looks mint now, except for the fuel tank door which is concave now. Barely noticeable though. The brand new carbon fibre bonnet, boot and roof are in my living room now. All nice and shiny. Seibon did a great job in aesthetic department, though this roof panel doesn't exactly match the other two parts in terms of colour. Vented bonnet is a beauty, but not sure if it is lighter than stock aluminium piece. The boot is a feather. It also came with matching garnish, but it needs to be drilled and dremmelled to fit a button and a camera.
  7. I'd trade mine for an identical one on a stick.
  8. undercharged

    Hey Ya! from Kent

    A big welcome from me too! White 86 too, but mine is LHD. You guys are lucky to have so many circuits on the island. I only have one proper(ish) "Sokol" racetrack about 80 km from the town I live in. Never been there though. Yet.
  9. undercharged


    This is so cool compared to what we have here in this landlocked rotten radioactive dump. I wish I could go back to Aberdeen and respray my 86 ginger!
  10. undercharged


    Don't you guys need any paperwork to be done upon a change of colour in the UK?
  11. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    I think it contributes to the overall rat philosophy of the project. Not exactly rotten, but still hated by almost everyone for its defiant uniqueness.
  12. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Just came across this set of 18" Volk C-Ultra. Perfect width and offset (I think). Maybe cosmetic repairs can wait?
  13. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    You mean it will mature on my driveway and get moldy?
  14. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Thank you @Keethos! Your example is very inspiring and I even thought I could steal some of your aesthetic ideas. I think I'll go with aftermarket bonnet and boot and matching roof cover. Will also try to reproduce "stripes" by wrapping some of the carbon fibre. Front fender and door are not that bad, hopefully fixable with no paintjob involved. Rear quarter and pillar are a sad part of the story though. Not exactly sure yet if I want to go wide, I know this is a slippery trail with questionable practicality. Shipping items to my country isn't the cheapest deal, so the project is going to be slow. Unless, of course, I decide to sell the beater and buy a Porsche, which is my brothers idea (he's crazy, he drives an Alfa-Romeo). So far I've contacted two of the nearest (sic!) Seibon dealers in China and The Netherlands and asked them to quote TS-style bonnet, CSL-style boot and a roof cover. I also have a 1:18 remote-controlled twin of my big toy, which is still unpainted and looks like it is going to wait quite a bit.
  15. undercharged

    Rat86: yay or nay?

    Mandatory insurance in this country is a joke, it covers a light post if you run into it and that's pretty much it. Casco is a different joke, it costs like both my kidneys. I really appreciate the attention this controversial idea is getting. But as far as I can see, no one is happily looking forward to the results. So maybe I will think of something else instead of turning a descent sports car into a pile of rubbish. Carbon parts and RB kit can hide some damage.