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Valve reliability for Track Ref:2012 Recall

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I'm looking to start doing track days with my car, its a 2012 and has not had the recall work done to replace the valves.  I'm worried the constant high reving at a track might send them over the edge and cause a break.

Any any experience with tracking a non recalled GT86?  My car is mostly standard, UEL, exhaust, panel filter and tune.  I could just change gear early to keep revs down.

I've not sent it in for the recall as I've read so many stories about blown engines after the recall due to silicon getting stuck in oil ways.



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You shouldn't have any issues, the failure rate for the valve springs is extremely low.

I haven't had the recall and don't plan to. I've tracked the car for several years without issue, if it was going to break it would have done so already. 

I'd honestly be more concerned about bearing failure from lack of oil pressure, but even thats a very low risk as well. 

Just make sure you car is maintained correctly and it should be fine. 

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