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Happy New Year!

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Hey guys and gals.

I’ve had my 86 for just over two years, left her completely standard for the 1st year and have now fully got the modification bug. 
My previous car was a SW20 MR2 Turbo which I was constantly playing with but eventually it became impractical to daily and after 13 years, I couldn’t merit keeping it.

I intend to keep my 86 for a similar time frame, and will be going down the FI route next year once funds allow.

So far, I’ve changed wheels, fitted coilovers,   roll bar links and a strut brace to the front, changed the cat-back exhaust and tinted the rear windows.

Next on the list this year will be manifold and re-map to help out with this pesky torque dip.

Hope to get to some shows this year!







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