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GPS trackers and installation on GT86

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Hey all,

So I am returning to the thought of getting a GPS tracker fitted.

I bought an inexpensive Chinese tracker a while ago, SIM card requirement with SMS alerts - which is hard wired and never figured out how to fit all the wires and locate the tracker and GPS transmitter. Then I looked at ReWire and iTrack which have an easy connection to the main battery, but figured it's obvious and easy to remove upon opening the bonnet - they also do hard wire, but I'm back to getting it fitted properly (they charge £100+). Both companies have subscriptions at £5+ per month for the app and detailed tracking. But I would be happy with something functional (alerts based on movement and GEO fencing) I don't need remote immobilisation and all the app features. I'm also not doing this for insurance purposes, which should be obvious.

So I think what I'm asking for is any recommendations for someone or a garage to hard wire fit a GPS tracker in Essex!? Or, clear instructions from someone who has done it on a GT86.

As always, thanks...


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Hearing how often guys in UK have problems with battery going flat (probably due alarm systems UK twins are fitted normally with), and even more so now, in lockdown/relatively little driving times, i'm not sure i'd wish to add another current user extra draining battery 😕

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They have a battery that lasts a few weeks as it goes into a deep sleep mode after detecting it's not being charged and no movement. It charges when the ignition is on so isn't a drain on the battery. It wakes up and sends out location via sms at your predetermined intervals once movement is detected or ignition is turned on.

The version I have is the size of a matchbox and has a magnetic base which has held it exactly in place. Doesn't need line of sight either so easy to covertly install.




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