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  1. NJay

    GT86 Alarm Unit Programming Codes

    Is there a list somewhere of what the alarm light is trying to tell us. Unlocked the car today and it beeped three times which suggests it went off. Pressing down the clutch without pressing the start button flashes the alarm light red a number of times equally spaced flashes which I presume is a lookup as to what triggered the alarm? I did check the bonnet switch and bracket which seem fine. Thanks
  2. NJay

    GPS trackers and installation on GT86

    They have a battery that lasts a few weeks as it goes into a deep sleep mode after detecting it's not being charged and no movement. It charges when the ignition is on so isn't a drain on the battery. It wakes up and sends out location via sms at your predetermined intervals once movement is detected or ignition is turned on. The version I have is the size of a matchbox and has a magnetic base which has held it exactly in place. Doesn't need line of sight either so easy to covertly install.
  3. NJay

    Rusty Sump

    Does the 6yr body service apply to the gt86 too as I've never heard of it before and nothing mentioned at my 6th service?
  4. NJay

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Depends on what you mean. My supercharged celica running PowerFC ECU displays knock sensor output and flashes the CEL rapidly if it goes above a threshold. Anyway, It's tuned to use vpower. I got caught out once and had to use regular unleaded. The knock sensor increased significantly when I gave it beans with the unleaded so there was no placebo effect just cold hard fact and a busted engine if i didn't heed the warning lol Why didn't it retard ignition? Well, It's not as sophisticated as stock ECU (or syvecs alternative) so cannot retard ignition in the event of knock. Its not usually an issue but glad I had it showing that day
  5. NJay


    I suspect they (Toyota) would argue coilovers voids the warranty on the suspension and possible the steering as it allows geometry changes outside of spec that could affect both of those?
  6. NJay

    Touch'n'Go wiring diagram

    The parking brake wire on the hu can't be left unattached as it's used to ensure your car is stationary before allowing video to play. It does this by the wire getting grounded when you apply the handbrake
  7. NJay

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    In case you missed it
  8. You don't have too relearn fuel trims. Get a 12v jump pack or spare battery (it can be small as you are Not going to start the car with it) and connect it to the battery leads before disconnecting main battery
  9. Went with with the Yuasa YBX3031, 3000, 72Ah, 630A , 18.4 Kg, dimensions 26.0 *17.4* 22.5 (£74.49 delivered) With it being 260mm wide rather than 230mm of our stock battery it fits the battery tray perfectly as there is just a few mm all around the base but still contained within the tray itself. The HSB072 at 26.9mm would have been resting on the raised edges of the tray. So given the better fit and higher rating I would definitely recommend it. Oh and used the Varta D47 disconnected on the Celica to keep power to the gt86 during change over so at least that battery has now been used this year 😂
  10. The yuasa HSB072 seems to be proprietary to halfords Is this a close enough match? Yuasa YBX5069, silver 5000, 75Ah, 650A , 18.1 Kg, dimensions 26.9*17.4*22.5 (£85.97 delivered) Or this one Yuasa YBX3031, 3000, 72Ah, 630A , 18.4 Kg, dimensions 26.0*17.4*22.5 (£74.97 delivered) Which might be a safer fit at 26.0cm as my battery tray recess appears to be less than 26.9cm wide unless i have the battery supported on the four raised edges of the tray which doesn't seem safe to me as they flex? Still trying to work out what the difference is between a type 69 and a type 72 battery as they appear to be the same size and terminal config lol
  11. This one https://www.halfords.com/motoring/batteries/car-batteries/yuasa-hsb096-silver-12v-car-battery-5-year-guarantee-161003.html The terminals are the opposite way around to ours?
  12. Yes, green is for anything above 12.65v. Amber is 12.65-12.40v. I don't think mine has ever been that high except for straight after charging lol This one? https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/varta/e24/ Did it fit ok as it's 30mm wider than our stock battery?
  13. Indeed. The sorned Celica has the battery disconnected as it's running an apexi ECU for the supercharger so no trims get lost anyway lol. If it wasn't for the fact that the gen 7 celica uses a 005L rather than a 005R like the gt86, I'd have used the varta D47 from that 😁
  14. They are not factory fitted as only the UK has the thatchem approved alarm we have. Do the brz and 86 have the same alarm fitted at the docks?
  15. Yeah, didn't mean to put 62Ah (cut and paste error) as I knew that was negligible lol it was more the 120-170CCA (if you end up with the 450CCA version) however thanks for the reply 🙂 As to yuasa buying Panasonic battery division....I best get in quick and order one of the existing stock lol