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Blue Edition - Performance Pack and Lowering Springs

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Hi all...

So I'm the owner of a 2019 GT86 Club Series Blue Edition with the added extra Performance Pack...
Picture of my car below! It's awesome and truly very very happy with it.

However, there's one thing I'm not too happy with and that's the wheel arch gaps... they're pretty silly sized.

So I'd like to drop it by 25mm front and back... nothing crazy because lets face it roads in the UK are not the best..

Looking at buying the Eibach Pro Lowering Springs...

However... I just had a thought before I pressed the order button. The performance pack already has suspension upgrades/changes. Will I have any issues fitting the above springs? I beleive the dampeners are Sachs on the performance pack, but will that prevent me using different springs?

Thank you for any information and help, I'm a complete novice when it comes to these things and I will be bringing it to a garage to get them fitted and also tracked/realiagned. However before I do that, I'd like to know if what I am doing is okay? Perhaps due to the performance pack, I cannot do this?

I rang up Toyota and spoke to their service team... but to chocolate fire guard comes to mind... (in fairness... this is a bit out of the ordinary for them)

Thank you,



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You can fit lowering springs. Obviously it will lose you some damper stroke and it will mismatch the damping. How much of an issue that is, you will have to see. 

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Question - should you at all? Or what alternative is best according goals?

Can you state more clearly your expectations/goals you want to get? What you want to get by those mods? Just lowering for looks? Specific handling change? For specific use (DD? track?)?

Modding for sake of modding seems nonsense way to spend money. Doing specific mod to fullfill specific wish/goal is another thing.

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Alot of owners on here run the eibach 25mm springs with the original dampers with no real complaints. 
The springs on the performance pack are exactly the same as the GT or 86 editions, only the dampers were changed to Sachs.

Just be careful not to you use a buzz gun to undo the top mount nuts because you can spin the damper piston and damage it. If you don’t fit them yourself make sure your technician knows this.

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The suspension set up on the Blue Edition is sweet out of the box, in fact it was night and day so far as road behaviour against my 2013 OEM when I test drove it which is why I ended up fitting KW v3's following that revelation. I probably went down 15 mil  or so with the KW''s in the end, initially had it lower but didn't like it as clearance and speed humps became a big issue (your Blue Edition s already lower than my stock was I think, poss 10 mill if memory serves?)

All that said, those lowering springs aren't too expensive and can be reversed and sold on if you don't like the handling afterwards (as it will almost certainly be worse, which is why I'd not do it myself :) ). 

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