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DIY: How to change your remote key fob battery step by step video

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18 hours ago, 86iain said:

You need to clean your fob 😁

Ha agreed its the spare remote, the car was a gross inside when I purchased it back in March, the previous owner looked after the exterior but clearly didn't look after the interior/fobs etc.  The car interior got a full detail yesterday alongside the fob.


14 hours ago, GT86-Ian said:

I did one of these in 2015 :)

PS what part is broken ?

Great minds, I'm trying to record as many jobs as I can while rebuilding my BRZ, hopefully someone finds them useful. 

When remotes stop working some people assume they are broken, and google it, adding that helps it pop up in the search results and may help people find what could be an easy and cheap fix.  

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