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Picking my new car up from Scunthorpe later today.

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Hi All,

I just thought I'd say 'hi', as I'm picking up a '19 plate Club Series 'Blue Edition' Performance Pack car from Scunthorpe today.

Pretty excited about this.

I had a red '14 plate until a rear end crash late in 2018 where the car was (surprisingly) written off.

I replaced it with a BMW M235i thinking RWD and more power would be fun.

Great engine I have to say, but the car just felt like a real let down and remote and not at all 'special' after the GT86.

Hence the swap back after only one year.

My pocket has taken a real hit, but I know this is the right decision.

Thanks for reading, I'll pop a couple of pictures up when I get it.

All the best,


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Hi Andrew!
Enjoy, and hope to see you at one of the club meets.
Interesting comparison with M2. I must say M2 is the only car with 4 seats I felt could be worthwhile replacement for GT86.

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Cheers Lauren/VAD,

Long day out today. Shame half of the drive home was in seriously bad weather, but boy, it's good to be back in one of these!

I'll definitely be getting to some club meets. The Barton one sounds great, as it's very close. I'm originally from Grappenhall (just over the water from there) and my folks still live there, so I am over quite regularly. When do these meets occur? Assume they're in the calendar? I'll take a look.

One thing that came crashing home is the lack of torque and that pesky dip is frustrating after coming from a car developing over 300lbs/ft at 2000rpm onwards, but the rest of the car makes up for that in my opinion. I've seen a few comments on here about the TD NA solution and I think I'll look into this.

VAD, The M235i I had is probably 80%-90% of what an M2 is for the most part. I did think that an M235i or better still an M2 would be the next move for me too that offers 4 seats, or in my case the ability to ferry a bike around internally. I think if I had enjoyed and bonded with the M235i I would have probably stretched and bought and M2, yet I have another GT86. I think that says it all really - well it does for my take on this.

Quick pic of the car at the services before the light went and the heavy, heavy, heavy rain (I hope I am being clear about just how much bloody rain came out of the sky...) came when i got close to Leeds on the top of the M62.

I look forward to meeting some of you very soon,



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