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Parts from japan

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Until brexit no taxes/vat from purchases from EU shops. Then again, usually in EU shops parts cost that much higher, with that tax/vat included in price. I usually choose where to buy guiding by - if warranty matters to me - local or EU shops, if ware is very heavy (and or big) so that overseas shipping costs will skyrocket - local / EU, in rest of cases - US/JPN and alike shops, wherever i find it via googling (by eg. part number) cheapest (including shipping cost and adding in potential import taxes/pvn costs). Common non EU shops i shop at are ft86speedfactory.com & www.japanparts.com, usually several pars per order, to save on consolidated shipping costs.

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That’s a shame. I thought now they’ve done a trade deal with Japan we could save some money on parts should of known it would be too good to be true 

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Looking at the commission website on this agreement, I see:

  • Improved export conditions TO Japan, dropping of many tariffs in Japan
  • They can't sell us whale meat
  • EU Agriculture products can be sold in Japan with fewer restrictions
  • Financial service access to certain Japanese cities for EU companies
  • We can buy more trains
  • There are still tariffs on most Japanese imports, but they are lower than WTO baseline, e.g. 3% for plastic car bumpers

It's VAT that's the real kicker on non-luxury imports when coupled with single item shipping.

We are in a great position to sell British car parts to Japan...

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