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TSS Round 3 Kendrew Sun 9th July - half price entry*

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Wow thanks for that. I can see where I was losing a lot of time. That corner just before the straight I had to lift off, even brake sometimes as my car would bounce a lot transitioning onto the runway (or might have been the line I was taking; I was getting it all wrong I think). Weirdly though, on my fastest lap I was going around that corner at about 55mph according to the software I used (which uses GPS), your speedo is saying about 70mph but by the end of straight it was very similar to mine.  


Also the pics are up  


Edit: oh and it was your fastest lap as I was the car ahead of you, so I warmed up the racing line for you :lol:;):rolleyes:

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As above, pics are up. Always worth investing in a good quality sun cream because the weather was great. A few shots from the day:



































Photos are available to buy from the site with the order form, there's usually anywhere between 20-50 full resolution unwatermarked of each car depending on runs. All funds raised goes towards maintaining the equipment and servers (moving during the winter to a better service) and a Cosworth habit.

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On 12/07/2017 at 6:11 PM, Keethos said:

A bit late but amazing day, even with 3 hours sleep, made it to Kendrew Airfield in good time, however, being my first time at Kendrew and it being an airfield with cones and tall grass, it took a couple of runs to get used to the circuit (there was quite a few times that I turned too early and even the wrong way at one point).

I was looking forward to this circuit as I heard there was plenty of run off and nothing to hit.....until I realised that there were plenty of big cones and barriers after blind bends due to the tall grass which you wouldn't want to slide into (fear of digging in and rolling or hidden large manhole covers) but even so, I wanted to really push the Celica as it felt like I couldn't push her as hard at the previous tracks. After getting a void run and then a reasonable time (1:56.10), I struggled to improve. I tried pushing harder with no luck, tried driving more smoothly and trying to go slow in fast out but again no improvement. Then thanks to Ricenurner and old man Special K who suggested to try using 2nd gear more to force me to slow down even more for an even more slow in fast out style of driving and boom, 1:55.50. Sadly even with this improvement I was still last in our class with only 1 timed lap left but I knew where I could improve.

So after siking myself up but then waiting at the line for a while, I finally managed to pull a good run together. Realising that the circuit consisted of primarily quick transitioning corners, I was able to stay in 2nd throughout most of the corners without bouncing off the limiter much but instead remaining within the power band. The improvement over the previous run was mainly on an awkward "can't tell if it's a hair pin or not" corner where I would always run wide and scrub off too much speed. So this time I made sure that I slowed right down to clip the apex the best I could which gave me a good line through a slight chicane before foot flat down for the longest straight (and only real straight besides the straight through the finish line) and boom, 1:53.71....getting me to 3rd (though there was only 4 of us in the class 1f61c.png😜 ) and only being less than a second behind Rich who I've been chasing all season, usually being a few seconds behind in each round. To my surprise, I actually got a trophy for 3rd so well chuffed.....not as chuffed as the 2nd place trophy at Woodbridge but that was in the 86 which I still miss sprinting with but bring on the next round in the Celica at Anglesey on Sunday 20th August!!!.... can't wait!!!

A massive thanks to everyone today who helped organise, manage and run such an awesome day as well as thanks to those who took part and even just spectated!

Big congrats to Kevin for winning the class N1 class for the GT86s, followed by Thomas and Tim.  It was also great to see some new faces joining in, especially Debbie for finally joining in rather than just spectating, I expect to see you on track at Anglesey!!!


Great write up Keethos - and I am so glad I finally took part! Not as scary driving as it looks from the spectating side so yes I will be back - can't wait for Anglesey :)

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