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  1. Supercharger is sold, so I’m now offering the forged engine for £2500 if you give me your engine in exchange. This is a really good deal for anyone who is currently running turbo or supercharged and wants to break the 300 mark safely and reliably.
  2. don't forget if you want more than 280 I have a lovely forged engine for sale!
  3. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    I've also realised that all the rear suspension stuff is SWAVE, not summit, just like this: So prices are as follows: Camber control arms (flaky paint) : £200 Rear trailing arms: £250 Toe Control arms: £250
  4. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    And so is the EDFC!
  5. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    I’m in Bedworth (north of Coventry) and I have no idea, I’d really rather not post an exhaust! also, braces are off:
  6. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    Yes it is.
  7. bump just to say this is now reduced to £6000 including the supercharger, and I'll offer £2000 for a standard engine in part exchange. So to all those looking at the Cossie kits at the moment, if you give me your engine you could have a 350bhp+ forged setup and save yourself £500!!!
  8. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    Yes it's this one https://www.fensport.co.uk/parts/toyota/gt-86/zn6/chassis-tuning/gt86-front-3-point-upper-strut-brace-graphite/
  9. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    Hi, sorry, suspension is spoken for but having had 4 enquiries in 24 hours I'm feeling like it's underpriced
  10. S18 RSG - The German Invasion

    Very nice, I bet it’s quicker than mine in most situations too! Maybe I should test drive one. There was an idea that the GT86 would eventually replace my CSL but whilst it’s maybe lighter it lacks so much character in the engine bay it became a no brainer, so I’m keeping the CSL and getting a more interesting daily to replace the 86 now.
  11. Breaking - Supercharged Auto

    Hello, I’m back home on Wednesday so I’ll start getting pics then if that’s ok, fairly sure they’re 17x8 et35, the 235 tyres look very comfortable on them. Some small kerb marks I’m afraid
  12. Hi All, Unfortunately not one person has contacted me about buying my car so like many others, I think I'm going to have to break it. It's a shame because so much development went into this car but needs must and I need to sell this before I can start my NA manual project. So parts and prices as follows: HKS supercharger kit £2500 - Konstantin - FB DEPOSIT PAID Engine £4000 + your engine in PX or £6000 without Spec: CP Pistons 86.5mm 10:1 CR Carillo 86 H Beam Rods with High Spec Carr Bolts Racer X Sump + cosworth baffle Cosworth Head Gaskets ARP Studs Genuine Toyota bearings Kelford valve springs Standard cams Exhaust: HKS EL decat exhaust manifold £600 Milltek Overpipe £125 - reserved TTR Milltek Decat pipe £150 Milltek Resonated Cat back (needs welding) £300 Tuning Developments Resonated Cat-Back system £400 Gearbox: SSP stage 2 valve body, 3100 rpm torque converter, stage 1 clutch & custom gearbox track sump £who knows Wheels: Set of 5 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 with 235/45/17 Continental PremiumContact £650 - Dan - FB Brakes Stoptech BBK front £1350, (£1250 px your brakes) - Patrick FB Stoptech BBK Rear £1350 (£1250 px your brakes) - Patrick FB 600bhp driveshafts £550 (£500 px your driveshafts) - Mathew - FB Radium Dual Oil Catch cans kit brand new never fitted £300 Suspension: Tein Street Flex with 5kg front springs, 6kg rear £350 - Edd - FB Tein EDFC Active Pro with GPS system £300 - Carver - Forum Summit engine brace £200 (£170 px your braces) Summit lower brace £200 Summit rear arms £250 Summit rear upper brace £100 Summit Rear ARB supports £70 Interior Blitz dark grey passenger gauge pod £125 Defi Oil Temp x2 £150 each Defi Oil Pressure £150 Defi Boost Pressure £150 As with Rob's part out, 20% deposit required to reserve part. I'm starting to take suspension components off on Wednesday.
  13. Yes, nobody's contacted me about buying the car so it's the only other option isn't it? There's about £23k of parts on that list I think if I put everything back to stock and found a normal engine.
  14. Little bump, open to sensible offers, test drives etc... in a month I’m going to start breaking it.
  15. are we sure they didn’t just leave a bunch of wadding out of the most recent batch? Should we weigh them?