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  1. TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    As suspected I’m away that weekend, so we’ll have to arrange something else I guess!
  2. TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    Ok cool, standard tips, resonated, open day if I’m about, otherwise I’ll pay for it and collect it or pay for delivery at a later date.
  3. TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    Hi sorry I’m on a business trip and not getting much internet time. What do I need to do?
  4. Your Fuel Economy?

    Ouch, my supercharged car is showing 23mpg on the dash now which makes my 27 mile (each way) commute a little expensive
  5. Resonated system with whatever tips look the most OEM please.
  6. TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    6. Chappers - resonated
  7. @Derby_guy is this the splitter you meant? It would look great with the bootlid and spoiler, would definitely balance the car (not to mention the new aero!)
  8. These are are all I can find at the moment, I think it was before the car was lowered
  9. PM replied 👍
  10. Oil and coolant temps

    related question... for those of us with oil pressure gauges, what kind of pressures should I be seeing in various driving conditions?