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  1. 600bhp Driveshafts

  2. 600bhp Driveshafts

    The driveshafts are ok but your car will flip over backwards as you accelerate, so it’s not recommended.
  3. Hi All, These are still in my car, but if you can provide me with some replacements I'll take them out and sell them as I no longer require them. Looking for £500, collected from Bedworth, North of Coventry.
  4. Japanese Performance Show - Meaty86 (19th August)

    My GT86 is currently in my garage missing its gearbox, so I'm happy to give up my stand space rather than have my shitty awful Swift in the middle of all your nice cars.
  5. HKS EL Decat Manifold

    sorry this is SOLD now
  6. TD Catback exhaust group Buy?

    Honestly? Far too loud for my tastes. I sold mine. I was double decat though, I'd just hoped for a bit more silencing compared with my milltek, but got the opposite result.
  7. HKS EL Decat Manifold

  8. OEM exhaust tips

    No idea, I had the original exhaust included with the car but no tips were attached to it
  9. Hello, I recently put the stock exhaust back on my car but it's missing the tips and looks pretty awful at the moment. Does anyone have some spare somewhere?
  10. Any old exhaust wanted

    I have a Milltek cat back and sports cat system for sale. Wanted £300 for the Cat back and another £200 for the race cat section.
  11. HKS EL Decat Manifold

    I certainly could, it's not that heavy. Send me a PM if you like.
  12. Just taken this off my car. Fairly self explanatory, needs a polish if you're into that sort of thing but otherwise perfect I believe they're £900+ new so looking for £500 for this, collection from Bedworth, just north of Coventry.