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  1. DuncanM

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    Thanks everyone, I think I'll just have to get used to the mirrors, and I guess the beeping makes sense re the car not liking how far my key is away! It is a little pants, but never mind
  2. DuncanM

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    Thanks for the reply, I was surprised to not even see a car button to do basic set up as per the manual. 😕 Never mind, I'll see what I can do before making a decision on changing it.
  3. Hello, I'm happy enough with the sound, and the Bluetooth phone connection seems fine, however I don't seem to have the functionality that the manual suggests I should. There is no car setup button, and only very basic options under general. Also, I'd love to be able to set the key to fold the wing mirrors upon locking, is this possible? Another also, when opening the boot and filling with shopping (exciting yes), the car annoyingly beeps at me after a short time. Can I change this? Picture of basic system :
  4. DuncanM

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Simon this is brilliant news thank you! Why do I say this? Because I've been looking at the Maxxis for a while now, and plan to put them on my Cerbera 🙂 Digging around, the Prestivo tyres are part of the yokohoma family, which is not awful news.
  5. DuncanM

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Thanks for the reply Church, I agree regarding tyres/brakes, however I also like to me objective when it comes to tyres, having had success with brands like Kumho in the past. Regarding the Prestivos, I'll have to see how they fair in the winter months 🙂
  6. DuncanM

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Hello, I thought this would be an obvious modification but haven't seen much talk about it? It certainly open up the tyre options, and I don't think 225 is too wide. Love to hear from people on here, only had the car since Sunday so won't be doing much to it yet, however it does have Prestivo tyres all round, which I have no knowledge of.
  7. DuncanM

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Oh Hello! The GT86 is quite rare around these parts isn't it? I should have mentioned the tyres, has Prestivo PS1s all round with good tread left. Will have to see what they're like in the wet (tomorrow) - I've never heard of them tbh! Regarding lairy, I had a 200sx on 205 section tyres, even my Cerbera is benign compared to that experience 😄
  8. DuncanM

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    After a month, I finally have my GT86 home. I bloody love it! 🙂 The car really is as good as I'd hoped to drive, and I even go against the trend, and love the engine. 35mpg, but fun and revvy, I'm well aware it's not blisteringly fast, but it's a brilliant engine in my opinion. Handling is fantastic, as pointy as expected, will be interesting in the wet. I paid 11k for a 2013,1 owner, full toyota history car, with 67k miles. I think I've done well, has a few stone chips, but they resprayed the bonnet (hence the delay), so the front is great. Couldn't be happier so far, the GT86 is a gem of a car.
  9. DuncanM

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Hello - I'm from way down south in Bedford. Happy to travel for the right car, wanted a red one!
  10. DuncanM

    GT86 Racecar build

    Incredible thread, thanks for sharing!
  11. DuncanM

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Jist had an email from Vantage, recall work was done last November, around 5k miles ago. I'm quite pleased with this, any issues would have shown themselves within 5k miles I'd expect 🙂 And thank you for the welcome everyone, looks like a great community around these cars 🙂
  12. Hello everyone,Quite excited, I have reserved a 2013 red GT86 from Vantage Wakefield, and hope to pick it up later this week.I have read lots of interesting stuff already on this brilliant site (and the owners site), the main thing is the spring recall, I'm waiting to hear whether my car has had it done, and at what mileage.It's a one owner car, provided by vantage, and serviced by them, which I'm hoping is a good thing.I can't wait to drive it, have always loved Toyotas, first car was a Celica ST162 :-).
  13. DuncanM

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    I've just joined the forum to say, thank you so much for sharing your incredible project! I looked at the first pictures when you bought it, and couldn't believe anyone would buy a car in that state! What you have done is amazing, what talent, and I love the final outcome 😊👍