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  1. DuncanM

    Tomei Duracon Shift Knob Type-SS

    I much prefer the Tomei, looks and to use. I totally understand the desire to stick to an oem look though
  2. DuncanM

    Tomei Duracon Shift Knob Type-SS

    No I don't think so, but you get a sticker with the shift gate numbers The shift is so much nicer, I totally get you want oem look, but this is as subtle as a shifter gets, and feels a million times better than oem imo. I was surprised at just how much I prefer it!
  3. My OEM one had an annoying squeak from the top cap, and although nice enough, I much prefer the Duracon. I was surprised at how much I like the Duracon more tbh, as I was only trying to get rid of the squeak!
  4. Replace with a Duracon SS, infinitely better, tasteful, and only 35 quid
  5. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    It's certainly against the census of opinion, it does everything I want and need out of an engine, and I quite like the sound at 7k. It produces good power between 5-7k, and with the excellent gearbox, is easy to get moving. You also get an engine with very low emissions, that can do 40mpg when needed. That's what makes it excellent to me, it does two jobs, making it a superb daily or only car.
  6. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    Thank you! had it since 2004, doing a rolling restoration on it currently. GT86 is a genuine great in it's own right imo
  7. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    Exactly how I feel about mine, if anything the engine is one of my favourite things on the car. I bought mine to keep me happy whilst doing a rolling restore on my TVR, I can honestly say that it's been one of the best cars I've owned, and will keep the TVR honest for driving thrills. IMG_20210820_203135_181.webp
  8. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    I know! I am tempted for sure
  9. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    On 99ron, and with just a performance filter, I think it's a cracking engine. There's no denying the dip, but it's so easily driven around, and moves the needle nicely to 7krpm.
  10. DuncanM

    GR 86 or GT 86?

    I'm actually keeping mine standard, and agree regarding values, an unmolested GT86 will be a sought after car for sure. Also agree regarding looks, the GT86 is very pure design, love it.
  11. DuncanM

    Child seat

    I was pleased for sure, it only goes in now and again, maybe the seat type is particularly good for it?
  12. DuncanM

    Child seat

    I have a child seat I use on occasion in mine, no problem with access, and my partner was comfortable in the front passenger seat. It didn't have to be all the way forward. Seat is an older version of this : https://www.maxi-cosi.co.uk/car-seats/axiss?channable=01305f6964003836303836373131313092&color_swatch_id=5516&gclid=CjwKCAjw7rWKBhAtEiwAJ3CWLLftgbSWdAGDg6tB9vJNwvwxtQSLB9PPccR2LAkoPDc6WA43qIHvHBoCyjEQAvD_BwE
  13. DuncanM

    MartinT's BRZ

    This resonates with me, in all my years buying and driving cars, the aesthetics/beauty has been very important, as such, I've always bought sports cars. Hatchbacks hold no interest for me, the GT86 is pretty much the perfect car for my needs
  14. A simple enough modification, and inexpensive at £35, I have swapped out the standard shift knob for a Tomei SS, and I bloody love it. If it cost twice as much I'd still consider it good value, it's made changing gear a much nicer experience, looks tasteful, and has got rid of an annoying squeak the standard one had. 10/10 - would recommend
  15. DuncanM

    Sound generator, worth removing?

    It's strange really because I absolutely love the sound. It's not fake, like some cars, and with a performance panel filter, the sound is great between 5-7k rpm.