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  1. Tubbytommy

    gt86 trd 2014 front bumper

    Fensport I got mine from there last year. The top of bumper is same on all gt86 bottom part fits over it. That is the trd part
  2. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Is it a manual?
  3. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    There are a lot of assumptions in this . M2 comp has same engine and power as m4 and I bought a manual as like the gt86 the car suits it. Its a daily driver and will not see a track. However flappy paddle boxes are needed in big bhp stuff due to speed through gears on track.
  4. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    The limit is easy to find and very controllable,probably why it reviewed so well. Trying one on track prompted me to buy one tbh I'm really hoping the next gen handles as well but with more power Oh and if you're trying to be clever suggesting mine never got on track you would be correct, it was being built for one purpose which did not happen due to coronovirus, rather than stick it away for another year i traded it for a new daily,I have however driven several on track.its easy to drive a slow car at the limit Considering my next track option for later in the year
  5. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Its amazing how most people have driven everything fast and on the limit to get a real appreciation on how they handle 🤣
  6. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Totally different class of car. Never driven the 2.0 but the one I tested was brutally fast but not very engaging, I put it down to the auto box. I cant imagine you 2.0 is as good as the gt86 as its a heavy old beast
  7. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    not really the model t ford was a manual. Its called progress
  8. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    No slating from me, had countless performance cars and rate thr gt86 very highly amongst them. Gt86 wouldn't suit flappy paddles at all but some cars really do,mostly high power stuff. I will certainly consider the new gt86 as I loved the old one. I had my name down for the new supra but the gearbox put me off, its an 8 speed slush box not a dct, worlds apart
  9. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Utter crap to claim serious drivers dont use dual clutch. Latest batch of hyper cars dont have manual options ie mclaren senna. I have no issues with Manual boxes at all but to claim serious drivers want them is rubbish. Some cars suit manual boxes that's for sure but others don't. This is the wrong forum to debate the issue to be fair, low powered cars dont suit flappy paddles but higher powered stuff really does due to the speed of acceleration through rev range and gears
  10. Tubbytommy

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    I'd disagree with flappy paddles ruining the fun. Its only the uk that's obsessed with a manual box,most that waffle on about them have never owned a fast car with a decent d/c box,its a comment you always read on a gt86 or mx5 forum. Its not just about 0 to 60 times but the whole experience, a good dual clutch box enhances the drive. Will the supra ever get a manual option? Unlikely I'd say
  11. I did....a few weeks ago.
  12. Tubbytommy

    last few parts

    Everything gone. Thanks
  13. Tubbytommy

    last few parts

    Badges gone
  14. Tubbytommy


    No foglight makes it an mot failure in the uk. Other than that I'd say it would pass an mot