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  1. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    I’m very happy with the suspension now that the alignment is setup together with the 50/50 Ohlins springs and the Ohlins top mounts. This is how it should’ve been, Ohlins messed up when they offered the lower rate springs IMHO. Ride comfort is great on the 50’s too better than on the 40/30 softer springs as I can run the dampers softer on the road. And yes my rear dampers at least have 30 clicks total
  2. Looking for £250 https://www.torqen.uk/toyota/toyota-gt86/body-styling/interior/9492-toyota-gt86-shrader-performance-rear-seat-delete-rsdgt86.html
  3. Rexer200

    Trackday alignment settings?

    I’m looking for trackday alignment settings please as a starting point. Chassis is: Ohlins R&T suspension with adjustable front camber top mounts, Swave adjustable rear camber and toe lower arms, Poly bushes throughout. Tyres are 225/40x18 R888Rs im not bothered by tyre wear what front camber, caster & toe, rear camber & toe should I set for trackdays?
  4. I'm still in discussion with Fensport. Adrian remapped the car last week and couldn't detect the issue. As soon as I got the car back it was still there as an issue. For now I'll just stick the EcuTek in mode 1 and not use it. As you mention, with regular shifting it's not an issue.
  5. I have a Cosworth Supercharger with 10% smaller pulley and an EcuTek Racerom with the latest v12 software. My car has just come back from Fensport and still the problem exists annoyingly. Does anyone else have the following issue? When in EcuTek mode 3 Changing gear with flat-shift (not lifting throttle) after the change the engine feels like its giving around 50% power. Waiting with the throttle pinned for about 2-3 seconds and then 100% power will come back? This is much more noticeable in the higher gears, 3rd to 4th and up. Anyone else experience this ?
  6. Rexer200

    Factory JBL subwoofer not working?

    Where is the fuse??
  7. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    New 50 N mm on left (200mm length) old 30 N mm on right (230mm length)
  8. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

  9. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

  10. Rexer200

    Factory JBL subwoofer not working?

    It’s totally stock Toyota head until with Toyota jbl amp, speakers and sub
  11. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    A bit more detail. I’ve tried the 50 N mm rear springs on two sets of tyres I have both on 18 x 8” rims. They are Yoko AD08R 235/40 and Toyo R888R 225/40 and although the R888Rs have stiffer sidewalls they allow the suspension.to work well still. Even down my local very bumpy B Road they have enough suspension travel and they haven’t bottomed out at the rear. I’m running the dampers at the rear on 22 clicks from full hard out of a total of 30 clicks so they ride even over potholes and smaller ridges is still very good. I went for the standard 20 mm preload on the 50. N mm springs. I have my first track day after lockdown next Tuesday at Brands so I’ll let you know how it goes then
  12. As per the title, does anyone know why this could be? The connection looks good, all the other speakers work including the Wolfers in the doors. Is there fuse for the supper somewhere?
  13. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    I just wanted to update this topic. I’ve now changed to the 50 N mm Ohlins Springs on the rear of my car and the ride has been transformed versus the old 30 N mm springs supplies with the SUSMP20 kit. it’s just so much better without any bottoming on the rear I’m going to stick with this suspension for now. Fensport noticed a slight leak on the front nearside shock so I’m getting that rebuilt soon and at the same time I’ll fit 50 springs to the front, to replace the 40s and the front adjustable top mounts. So affectively my kit will be upgraded to an SUSMP21. still seems crazy why Ohlins would fit 30 springs to the rear in the first place especially considering the lack of travel versus the stock set up
  14. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Unless you run out of height adjuster on the Ohlins then the Raceeng extended rear top mounts won’t help shock travel. They are developed for non height adjustable shocks on shorter springs or for single height adjustable shocks like Bilstein, ie no separate height adjuster
  15. Rexer200

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    @Addymk2 when I fit the 5k springs I should be able to tell you if the Raceeng top mounts will work, depending on if you have rear LCAs with lowered shock mounting points. At the moment my car sits at 350 mm (center of wheel to arch) and with the 3k rear springs I’m not sure if it could sit it much higher. It looks like the height adjuster on the Ohlins damper is on its highest setting and the low ride height is caused by the sag of the soft springs and the 15mm lowered shock mounting point on the RCA. I could potentially add more spring preload but I don’t want to risk the spring going coil bound. The 5k springs will sag less so will help raise the ride height, I actually want to run the recommended 365mm height. I’ll let you know