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  1. Something a bit different Kahn RSV (Aston Martin design) 19x7.5. 5x100, ET45 in silver. kahn centre caps and metal spigot rings to fit 56.1 centre bore included Purchased new by myself, these have had less than 500 miles road use. Three unmarked and one with small marks on the spokes (done whilst photographing them 😭) Tyres in photo are 225x40x19 and these will be removed Taking up valuable garage space so need these gone £350 Collection only or arrange your own carrier
  2. What are your thoughts on having run a 225 on an 8.5?
  3. Cheers Leeky I'm on coilovers so OK on inner clearance. Currently running 245x40x17 on 9J ET42 which I think look nice mounted on the wheel I would like to go for a different width as a change from current set up. I'm thinking 225 would be too much of a stretch but probably the most playful set up. 255 I think is too wide for my needs so that leaves 235. Unless I'm missing a trick there doesn't seem to be too many options on 18's Just wondering what others have found the best suited to a 8.5J wide wheel
  4. Cheers guys I have been looking at 235's (-3mm difference) but there doesn't seem to be too much choice on a 235/35/18 where I have been searching. A 235/40 would be too large. An increase in diameter of 3.2%
  5. My new JDM wheels have finally landed and I am still undecided what size tyres to go for. Wheel size is 18x8.5J. ET38. Running Ohlins coilovers Looking for recommendations for tyre size and not make. What size would you go for and why?
  6. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    I was ready for some additional NVH and I could probably put up with the odd knock but I'm pretty sure the continuous noise I have been experiencing wouldn’t be acceptable to most.
  7. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    Not far off! The total cost of investigating the issue along with additional parts purchased would have bought me a decent BBK! I am really dissapointed in how things have panned out and travel restrictions have also prolonged the situation. Can't say if I would see a set of Tein Flex A's as a downgrade after experiencing the damping quaility of the Ohlins but they might have been a better purchasing experience.🤨
  8. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    Agreed, the fact that both were on the vehicle for such a short length does make it seem unlikely. Surely if there was a 'knock' from the damper it would have been picked up whilst being inspected and could a rubber top mount totally isolate the noise if it was the damper. There is not a peep with the stock top mounts fitted now! Nothing else has changed. Supplier is taking the Ohlins top mounts back for inspection. Something strange is going on
  9. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    The annoying noise has been found by a lengthy and costly process of elimination. The stock front top mounts were put on the Ohlins dampers and voila.... the noise has gone! The only thing changed was the removal of the Ohlins top mounts. One appears noisier than the other. They are not 5 months old and have done less than a thousand miles so I will be having a word with the supplier. The stock top mounts are staying for now. As you cannot employ and adjust the camber with the use of camber bolts on the Ohlins strut it's not going to be a long-term solution. The lack of camber doesn’t visually look as bad as I thought it would but the nice stance has gone and although the wider wheels don't foul the bodywork they obviously stick out a little now at the top. I reckon you could live with an 8J aesthetically but a 9 defo looks too much. They won’t be going near a track for a while (I’m guessing) so the tyres at least won’t get punished. I will see what the top mount supplier comes back with and then mull over what to do next.
  10. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    Yep, agreed Gavin, a right pain in the **** Not something I would have expected from a fairly spicy priced set of coilovers 🙄 Stock mounts are being fitted to the dampers today and will be taken for a little test drive so will get some feedback on how that worked out.
  11. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    All work completed by suspension tuning specialist so would assume underload.
  12. Booboo

    Coilover help required

    I am having a prolonged issue with front end noise on my coilovers and am seriously considering going back to stock. I am looking for feedback with those that have gone this route. I realise NVH is increased especially with adjustable top mounts but the noise I am experiencing appears to be coming from one side only and can be best described as a metallic 'clonk' There is no noise whilst statically turning the wheels. There is no noise when specifically braking or accelerating. It can only be heard whilst driving at low speed in any direction over an undulated surface and I can create it by standing on the driver’s side sill and bouncing the car. The noise is coming from the top of the offside strut top. Vehicle is a facelift 2017 BRZ. Coilovers are Ohlins R & T SUSMP21 (purchased new) It is lowered about 25mm and preload is set at recommended settings for the 50Nm springs The coilovers were purchased in 2019 and fitted with Raceseng top mounts. I got absolutely no noise for around 6 months. Then it slowly developed a slight 'click' from the front end over rough surfaces and although I found it acceptable the suspension components were checked out; everything was tight, and no issues were found. Suspected noise was diagnosed as likely to be a top mount bearing. As the noise got progressively louder and turned into a 'clonk' I was convinced something was loose or something was hitting something else as the suspension was being compressed. Upper stut nuts were torqued up fine as was the lower nut where the adjustable knob is, and no leaks were evident. At this point the dampers were removed once again, externally inspected and all other components checked over. There are no contact marks of anything rubbing around any of the moving suspension parts. As it appeared on only one side, and a dodgy bearing was suspected on one of the Raceseng top mounts, to rule them out as an issue Ohlins own top mounts were installed but the noise persisted! Addressing other potential offending components, the lower control arms have recently been replaced with Whiteline's roll centre/bump steer kit and on the last inspection a new set of 50Nm springs were fitted all round (original were 40Nm front and 30Nm rear) New stock ARB links were also fitted to eliminate the possibility of them being the culprit. TBH each time the vehicle is first driven the noise almost vanishes but within a few hundred miles it returns🙄 In December last year I finally conceded the only component that could still be at fault was the actual damper. As I had only a few months of warranty left both fronts were duly sent off to an Ohlins service centre. A dyno report came back all good on both and as the only visible sign of wear was the upper bushings (which they stated was very slight) they were replaced under warranty. The dampers were re-fitted yesterday, and the dreaded 'clonk' is still ****** present! 😠 I would appreciate any advice on whether I might have missed something or where this noise could be coming from. Likewise what noises if any do you experience after fitting coilovers and what would you deem as acceptable
  13. Booboo

    Ohlins camber-bolt issue

    I first purchased the Raceseng top mounts who make them for both the stock suspension and specific ones for the Ohlins. I have since purchased Ohlins own top mounts due to a possibility there was an issue with the Raceseng ones. There was no issue. The issue has been finally diagnosed as a faulty front damper. They are due to be dyno tested next week by an Ohlins service centre so once the warranty work is carried out (if it is a fault and if they uphold the claim) I will have a choice of which top mounts to put back on. I can't really comment on how they differ in ride as the Ohlins have only been on with the suspected faulty damper. Obviously, they don’t offer any cushioning that the stock rubber mounts do but I didn’t find the ride harsh on either. That I suspect is because the Ohlins damping is so excellent. The only physical difference between the two types is the Raceseng offer castor adjustment in addition to camber. I will be putting one set up for sale when I am back on the road.
  14. Booboo

    Ohlins camber-bolt issue

    I never found any camber bolts that would fit the Ohlins strut safely so had no option but to go adjustable top mounts
  15. Booboo

    Daily driven/ track day brake pads

    I can recommend DBA T3 discs and Hawk pads. Although I have tracked with them and they stand up well to short sessions they are more of a fast road set up After almost 15k miles and around 5 track days they are around 60% worn and still performing well I understand Sumo Power are currently advertising deals as a package