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  1. Booboo

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    This MX5 tuning outfit came up with a solution for short stoke issue with the Ohlins https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=707107
  2. Booboo

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    I purchased the MP21 kit in March last year with the 40/30 springs. Likewise, I felt they were too soft for the track, but I got along with them on the road as long as you left the damping reasonably soft. I too have spun off on track a couple of times when I have upped the damping rate and am contemplating going for the 50/50 springs. I opted for Raceseng front adjustable top mounts and left the rears on OE. I am getting quite a pronounced clunk at the front now at slow speed over rough surfaces. It looks like the top mount bearings need replacing which I am surprised about. I have done 2 track days and covered about 7k miles. I won’t 100% know for sure until they come off and am really hoping the struts are not the issue! They did produce a bad batch in 2018 which a few had QC issues with. Initial investigation is that all other suspension components are all good, nothing is loose on the damper and the top nut is tight. The sound does appear to be coming from the mounts and they have always 'clicked' at low speed but that has now definately turned into a clunk! Raceseng offer a three-year warranty so they have offered to send me out a set of bearings as soon as a new production run is complete. Ohlins own front top mounts should be turning up today so if the mounts are at fault, I at least don’t have to go back to putting the stock dampers and springs back on. I am currently a little lower than Ohlins advise so after listening to your experience I might just plum for the 50N/mm springs and set the standard preload at the instructed Ohlins advice drop height. £235 for four springs sounds reasonable. You say you have 30 clicks of adjustment on yours. Thats 10 more than I have?
  3. Booboo

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    These ones? https://www.vividracing.com/ast-suspension-front-top-mount-subaru-brz-20122018-p-152407840.html
  4. Booboo

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    Where did you sourse the 5k's from?
  5. Booboo

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    In no particular order: Simca 1100 (parents) Morris Minor (girlfriends) Austin Allegro (any of them) Austin Morris Sherpa van (O Series engined) Hyundai Stella (friend) Replaced a capri 2.8 would you believe it !!!🙄 Fiat Uno (1980s) (hire car) DisASTRAvan (Mk3) (work van) Hilariously bad steering Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1 (family gift!!!) Skoda Felica & Skoda Fabia (Parents cars and truly terrible) VW Camper (split screen and bay) (friend) They look cool but jeez they really are not fun to drive Driven a fair few crappy courtesy cars since the 1990's which are extremely bad but nothing as bad as any of the above
  6. Booboo

    Which diff oil?

    Millers CRX LS 75w90 NT+ (7968) just went in mine
  7. Booboo

    Catback that looks like std?

    I really do like the idea of this system. Best get saving the pennies 😀
  8. Booboo

    MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers

    Are you the chap who was asking for info on a US forum about camber plates/top mounts for the Ohlins. Did you get anything sorted?
  9. Booboo

    Top mount/camber plate advice required

    Thanks Lauren Message sent
  10. I'm having difficulty determining which top mounts/camber plates will definitely work with my Ohlins MP21 R&T coilovers. As camber bolts are not an option because of the strut leg design my hope of retaining the OE top mounts will now have to be discounted. Ohlin's do make their own but they are exorbitantly expensive so hoping even with the possibility of shipping costs I can find a suitable alternative. My research so far has only brought up two possibilities both from the US. Can anybody vouch for the quality of either Vorshlag or Raceseng suspension products? Please chime in if you've got Ohlins R&T suspension with non Ohlins top mounts/camber plates. I'm curious to know what options I might have?
  11. I have recently fitted Ohlins MP21 coilover kit and managed -0.30 camber up front and just over -2.05 at the rear. After almost a month to let it settle it’s gone in again to check the ride height, rear camber (it was a little uneven at the rear) and to fit a set of Eibach camber bolts to get more neg camber up front. After re-checking I will have to invest in a set of rear LCA’s as the cross camber has shifted further apart and is sitting at +0.39 🙄 The really disappointing news is that due to the Ohlins strut design in incorporating recess’s around the bolt holes the tab washer on the camber bolts cannot sit flush🤔 Has anybody got the MP21 kit that has found front camber bolts that fit? If camber bolts are out of the question I’m hoping Ohlins have not ‘conveniently’ incorporated a design allowing only their own adjustable top mounts as they are exorbitantly expensive😳 Any advice appreciated
  12. Booboo

    New wheel & tyre size

    A great tool for working out wheel size, offset, camber and suspension height changes GT86/BRZ wheel fitment guide https://www.ft86motorsports.com/wheelitfit/
  13. Booboo

    Where Did You Buy?

    Purchased used from Subaru main dealer. Log book has first owner down as Jade Wells, Subaru's then Group Press & PR Manager🤗
  14. Booboo

    The Wheels Thread

    This is a good site for wheel and tyre fitments https://papasmith.co.uk/alloy-wheel-fitment-guide/
  15. Booboo

    Early outing on track

    Your right, the traction control really does spoil the enjoyment once you get to know the limits and really push it. Is it likely to put more wear on the rear tyres? Track button for now but once confident enough I will see how I get on with everything turned off 😀