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  1. Booboo

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Recording in Gwrych castle in 1988 well before it was sadly left to vandalism, rot and ruin. Although it is recently being restored to its almost former glory and anyone who watches too much TV will know it as the current home of 'Im a celebrity get me out of here' I still have the white kit although I play something a little more civilised these days
  2. Booboo

    Spigot ring issue

    Cheers Neil That's a good call, thanks
  3. Booboo

    Spigot ring issue

    Hi Church. I've read conflicting info ref the negative effects of not using them but agree, mounting and removing would be far easier and less likely to result in damage to the locating holes of the wheels or nuts with some fitted and would prefer to have a set on.
  4. Booboo

    Spigot ring issue

    Currently having an issue sourcing the correct Spigot rings Purchased a set of Work Kiwami 18x8.5 ET38 alloys and the set sent by the retailer do not fit. Unfortunately, they have said the ones sent are the only ones they supply, and are correcly sized. They admit they indeed do not fit the wheels purchased but as they dont have an alternative, advised I could always shave a few mil off each to make them fit. Not really what I expected to hear after the money spent with them but hey ho🤨 Although the rings are marked with the correct inner 56.1mm bore and the correct outer 60.1mm the issue I have is the tapered section is too tall and therefor sits proud on the face. See pic. I have since rang six companies advertised on the net and they all only have the same beige rings in that size. The only one that looks to be ideal (shorter tapered section) is the black one, (pic below) found on a French site but they have no stock! Does anyone have these WORK wheels or ones with the same inner bore size on their twin? Any advice or recommendation on where I can source the correct ones without the lottery of just buy and see or having to go custom made would be appreciated.
  5. Booboo

    Millers Oils

    Thanks for info
  6. Booboo

    Millers Oils

    Looking at the Millers website two options for engine oil are shown: EE Performace 0w20 and XF Premium 0w20 which replaces the old XF Longlife 0w20. Besides the price differential (the EE is more expensive) does anybody know what is the difference?
  7. Tyres are sold now
  8. Unfortunately, the design of the Ohlins leg has cut out recesses around the holes which makes fitting existing designed camber bolts difficult and unsafe
  9. Cheers Church Reason I am asking is I would only have adjustment from the Powerflex eccentric bushings as my Ohlins struts don’t take camber bolts🙄. Like you I was disappointed with the noise exhibited by pillow ball top mounts. I wouldn't have an issue if it spent more time on the track than the road, but it doesn’t at present. Even so I am looking for a little neg camber on the front. Not looking for big numbers but would like at least 1.5 Neg camber as I enjoyed how the car behaves over the standard zero camber setting. From what you say it sounds like that could be achievable with just the Pedders top mounts and the Powerflex LCA bushes
  10. Thread resurection time Hi guys, can I ask, regarding the Pedders top mounts did you find you got roughly equal side to side Neg camber numbers with them or did you have to dial in the difference with the camber bolts/ LCA bushings?
  11. Booboo

    PFC 0929.10 front Brake pads

    Sachin will have them as just sold mine to Rob98
  12. Booboo

    PFC 0929.10 front Brake pads

    Will do Sachin
  13. Booboo

    PFC 0929.10 front Brake pads

    Hi Rob. Yes. Still available. PM me
  14. TWO used Michelin PS4 225 45 ZR 17 (94Y) extra load for sale Tread depth 5mm. No punctures or repairs Based in North Wales (2mins from Anglesey circuit) or by arrangement in Chester or South Manchester £80