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  1. Rich

    Steering Wheel Locks

    Pretty much. Opportunists are looking for stuff in your glovebox mostly. Anyone wanting to nick the car will come tooled up.
  2. Rich

    Steering Wheel Locks

    Indeed, the issue is the extra security is pretty minimal, but it's a massive pain the rest of the time.
  3. Rich

    Steering Wheel Locks

    Never used one. Not sure I see the point. If they really want your car they will kick the door in and nick the keys.
  4. Rich

    DIY Tuning Development UEL Manifold review

    I have had similar thoughts, except I have a Milltek which will no doubt crack at some point and force the issue. Come to think of it, I might have one of the longest lasting Millteks at this point.
  5. Rich

    DIY Tuning Development UEL Manifold review

    Looks like just over 170 bhp at the wheels?
  6. Mine's M22 (but still Stockport borough) by about 2 houses, not sure if that makes it worse or not.
  7. I'm up the road from you in Gatley Lauren and would need to garage my car for cover. 😕
  8. Are Manchester postcodes the same? Also, how can you tell what the risk areas are, is there a list somewhere?
  9. Rich

    Winter GT86 fun

    I have a space saver in the boot. Didn't help. Have winters in now, so I'm expecting a massive heatwave.
  10. Rich

    Winter GT86 fun

    I did think of that, but then couldn't remember how to switch maps.
  11. Based on the specs, they should be about 8 kg.
  12. Rich

    Winter GT86 fun

    Pretty sure they were on summer tyres, given they were wheel spinning a fair amount. Just had better loading on their driven wheels. I got overtaken by an MX5 at one point as well, though he may well have been on winters. As for the gentle inputs etc. my issue was I couldn't even get moving. Once I was rolling I was able to keep the car going for the most part, and I could move off on the flat, but uphill I couldn't get enough traction to overcome gravity. Gentle throttle would just give me a slower wheelspin. Even rocking the car forwards and back didn't really help. I did see a BMW SUV slide sideways with all four wheels locked until they hit the kerb, so AWD wasn't that much of an advantage.
  13. Rich

    Winter GT86 fun

    I got stuck on an incline you could barely see it was so gentle, meanwhile FWD cars were overtaking me in droves. Time to invest in winter tyres I think.
  14. Total steal at that price. Someone should buy these.
  15. Rich

    Alloy wheel help

    Looks like they have been superceded by the TC105X, which looks pretty similar. 17x8 ET42 is still listed: http://wedssport.jp/products/english/spectable/tc105x.pdf RRP is ¥48,500 which is roughly £344. Their EU shop has them for €460! https://shop.weds-europe.com/home/133-37013-wedssport-tc105x.html#/50-wheel_size_wedssport-17x80j_et42/124-pcd-5h_100 I got mine from Sumo Power, currently listed at £500 a pop: https://www.sumopower.com/Brands/WEDSSPORT/TC-105N/WEDSSPORT-TC-105N-1708042-500-TS-TI-72309 Not that different to mine, I got them pre-Brexit when the exchange rate was more favourable. £1500 delivered.