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  1. Creaky knees have caught up with me so with regret it's time to sell my Harrop supercharged BRZ SE Lux. £16000. Located in Northumberland but often in the Midlands (in a different car) and can bring the BRZ. One owner from new Mileage: 29411 Colour: Crystal White Pearl Manual gearbox Garaged / SORN’d over the winter months / No track use Modifications: Harrop Supercharger fitted by Abbey Motorsports. Made 243bhp on their hub dyno where NA cars typically make in the 160s. 3 maps for 98RON fuel plus 1 for 95RON fuel with 5000rpm rev limit HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers fitted by Abbey Motorsports ~20mm lower than stock with appropriate geometry changes. Geometry last checked 20.06.2023 Enkei RSM9 17x7.5 wheels finished in steel grey with Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 6 225/45 tyres (at least 5mm remaining). Wheels weigh 7.5kg vs the narrower stock wheels at 9.1kg and no scratches or scuffs. New black lugnuts fitted last summer. 2mm larger Whiteline rear ARB MTEC shifter springs Powerflex transmission mount Upgraded leather steering wheel from Royal Steering Wheels OEM centre armrest Rear parking sensors Sound deadening fitted to boot, beneath the rear seat and to the rear quarter panels Service History - from original invoices 27.04.2016 4340 miles Unity Automobile Subaru of Coventry (who supplied the car) 18.04.2017 8561 miles Unity 03.04.2018 10810 miles Unity 28.03.2019 15050 miles RRG Toyota of Macclesfield 30.06.2020 18357 miles RRG 24.07.2021 20219 miles RRG 05.07.2022 24918 miles RRG 20.06.2023 27923 miles RRG Plus new front disks at 03.08.2023 28160 miles Stoneacre Toyota of Newcastle And the downsides? There are the usual chips on the front bumper and a couple of scuffs on the underside of the bumper. The aircon needs refreshing ... I live in Northumberland, on the rare occasions it's hot enough for aircon then there are too many tourists and motorhomes! For those just looking for just a supercharger, I have a credible buyer for it already and I’d much prefer to sell the vehicle complete
  2. Offa

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Rationed to one wheel per day for cleaning and ceramic coating ...
  3. Offa

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Been running the Harrop SC for almost 3 years; no issues whatsoever in 12000 miles. Still very happy with mine 🙂
  4. Certainly Lucas, if you can wait a fortnight or so I can drop it off at your place of business when I’m next up that way?
  5. I need some more garage space and my BRZ is a keeper; if anyone has a need for a set of standard dampers, a standard rear antiroll bar or standard air intake manifold then all you need to do is arrange a courier to collect ... I’m in Herefordshire if you wish to collect in person. The parts are from a 2015 BRZ and were removed from the car in ‘15 and ‘16 by Abbey Motorsport with between 4000 and 8000 miles of use.
  6. Offa

    Mustang Finally arrived!!!

    Not driven the latest Mustang, however the Dodge Challenger remains my personal favourite ... A burbling V8 to drag you up a 5000 foot climb, but then again I'm sure the more agile Mustang is far more fun in the curves, and pretty much everywhere in the UK!
  7. It's yet another manky weekend, so I'm sat here frustrated that yet again that I cannot go an tinker with my coilover settings on some decent B roads because there's too much standing water, mud and gravel on them. I have some lighter wheels coming next month and understand the benefits of them having gone from lightweight cast to forged on an Elise in the past ... But what about the rotating brake discs and their calipers? There's an informative article on FT86CLUB about braking hardware, however what is the UK perspective? Are any of you guys considering or using stock size lighter weight discs and calipers (or indeed lighter-than-stock BBKs) for anything other than sustained track use? If so, what are you using and what difference do you feel they have made to the ride and handling of your car?
  8. Offa

    ... a refugee from Lotus

    Lauren, your surprise is correct ... having rechecked my notes I am the victim of my own handwriting ... the Enkei's are a fraction under 7.5kg. A useful saving but clearly not 2kg per wheel.
  9. Offa

    ... a refugee from Lotus

    http://enkei.com/shop/racing/rsm9/ ... In black, it's a pure road car that will stay NA so 17 x 7.5, and will retain the Primacy's until worn. That said, the way SWMBO was treating them earlier, they may not be long for this world. And the Viggen? I had one rack replaced under warranty, a rack brace and several other lumps of pig iron fixed to various chassis components with little success ... then I gave up.
  10. Offa

    ... a refugee from Lotus

    Hi, my name is Mark; after 7 years with a supercharged Elise, and lurking here for 6 months, I've at long last got around to posting ... prompted in part by the suspension tweaks applied by Abbey Motorsport last week. So I swapped an Elise for a BRZ, crazy? Nope ... I live on border between Herefordshire and Powys ... little traffic, an Elise SC and driver who's finally got brave enough to get the thing moving around under throttle was only going to end in tears. I owned a couple of Impreza's in the 90s, however the BRZ is only the second car I've modified. The first was a Saab 9-3 Viggen, a gorgeous looking car with a flaw ... deploying 258lb/ft of torque flexed the steering rack, subframe etc etc Plans? 1. Suspension & alignment - already happened 2. Lighter wheels - ordered - down 2kg a rim (couldn't justify twice the money for forged that were 1kg lighter still) 3. Driver training 4. Staying NA so a manifold, a tune and rip out the sound-tube from the airbox!