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Jay Bamrah

Reduce chance of rod knock on FI cars with shorter gear ratios?

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Would shorter gear ratios help reduce rod knock much since stress on the engine when it’s got no momentum at low rpms is what bends the rods?


just an idea. How expensive is it to change gearing also if anyone did this 

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Short answer is no. But I see the logic in what you are saying/thinking. 

Ratio wise you could achieve this by just changing the diff ratio which would either raise/lower all gears as a set at once. No need to change the actual gears in the box itself. But in the real world it wont really offer any extra rod protection.

I think as long as you are not doing 1/4 mile drag racing or traffic light/0-60 launches then I don’t think you’ll be winding up the drivetrain enough to damage the engine because of low down torque.

The way I see it, as long as you already have some momentum when going for the throttle you wont have that situation where you have a static drivetrain reluctantly taking the low down torque/rotational mass of the engine.

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If car is NA i find it unlikely to have issues with rods even if abused. If overboosted with FI non built engine w/o forged internals .. but imho one can fsck up engine in this case irrelevant of FD ratio.

Short gear ratio gearset + FD is what i'd love to see in mine (so that 1st & 2nd gear stays somewhat same, but other gears come closer down). Pitty that especially former costs more then i'd willing to pay for that.

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