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VLAND Headlights - Dipped Beam Settings?

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has previously been answered but I'm a bit confused - my VLANDS headlights seem to have two settings for dipped beam, close distance and far distance. When driving on a road with no lights, the 'close distance' setting is basically worthless as you wouldn't see an animal running in front of you, but can be handy to keep lights low with on-coming traffic on a well lit road. The 'far distance' setting is so much better as you can see quite far which is great, without having main beam on.

I seemed to have activated the 'far distance' setting by accident by flicking main beam on and off, but after a while it reverted back to the 'close distance' setting. I kept flicking main beam off and back on occasionally to see if it would change the setting again and it did a couple times, but other times it didn't...?

Are the VLAND headlights meant to have two 'dipped beam' settings? And if so, does anyone know how to flick between them or stop them from reverting back to the 'close distance' setting?

Appreciate any help on this - thanks :)

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