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New GT86 Owner

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Hello all.

After dreaming about the GT86 for the past six years I finally picked one up last week.

I've had lots of cars over the years but this is the first time I've spent what I would call "real money" on a nice car and I am absolutely overjoyed.

The way the car feels even just cruising through town at 30mph puts a smile on my face. I live in a rural area and this car feels like it was made for my local roads. I'm reminding myself to not become overconfident but I feel like I've been driving this car for years (well, I've put 184 hours into Assetto Corsa, mostly driving 86s).

It's a 2016 model in red with the red leather wheel, handbrake and gear knob options.

The car is totally stock with 39k miles, one previous owner and full Toyota service history.

My intention for now is to keep it stock but will be adding OEM mudflaps because I live in tractor land. I've already swapped the stock gear knob for a TRD one which has improved the feel for me a lot.

This car is everything I wanted it to be and more, and I'm proud to finally be part of the 86 club 


P.S. picture was taken by my partner about 5 minutes after getting the car.


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Welcome. Great to hear you are really enjoying it already. There is a wealth of information on this forum and some great members who will share their experience and expertise should you need any advice 👍

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Nice to be happy with this car, I had options to choose this one from toyota but I don-t like the steering wheel is very ugly the middle airbag circle. I choose a 2019 version more expensive 22.495 pounds but is brand new. New alloys and lowered suspension is o good start for it, I recommend you if want nice looking for your car.

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