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TRD Rear Aero Stabalizing Cover

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Hi guys,

Appreciate, I'm new here but I am on the other GT86 forum with the exact same username "James-" @Lauren can confirm that we had a recent discussion about the new yaris and my advocacy for the Honda Civic (I know, blasphemy on a Toyota forum!) I have been members of the other GT86 forums for many years and sold multiple items... go look on the other forum at the sales section and you'll see this same post, and my history on said forum. (I didn't actually know this forum existed! sad times) Here's a link to me on the other forum.. (please delete the link if not allowed... but I thought that way at least people can see that I have history and not just a 1 post wonder)
https://www.gt86ownersclub.co.uk/forum/62-sale-gt86-brz-parts-upgrades/18131-invidia-exhaust-valenti-lights-silicone-intake-rear-diffuser-trd-styling-parts.html (

Anyway without further a do.

Item condition is New (other) I used this for a few days before replacing it with a different boot modification, which prevented the use of this unfortunately, as it looked awesome.
Location: Lincoln, UK.

I have a TRD Rear Aero Cover available... It cost £180... I'm looking for £120 + postage or collection.

Here are actual pictures of said item, ignore the date that's when I uploaded them to the other forum .

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