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Reverse lockout ring pin is missing or hidden

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Looks like reverse lockout ring pin is missing, I can shine a light through the hole with a flashlight or put a very thin screwdriver through the hole, the pin is not there. Nevertheless, I cannot remove the lockout and the whole thing behaves like the pin is there.

I only noticed this because I was trying to remove the lockout to put some Teflon tape on the shaft to stop the rattling above 5k rpm.

Any ideas what is going on and how to remove he lockout ?

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Use a hardened nail to remove it unless you have a punch tool. Mine was a pain in the arse to remove when i changed over the reverse lockout. Also put a towel in front of the heater surround in case you miss with the hammer. Also if you are taking the lockout off make sure it is in reverse gear before removing otherwise you will have to remove the centre console to put the mechanism back in place.

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