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Whenever you get free cash for mods something else comes up

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Anyone else have this?

Just about to pull the trigger on going down the TD UEL header route when the house boiler packs up and has so many faults it needs replacing. I don't know about you but being able to have a hot shower everyday and heating in the winter is a higher priority than eliminating the torque dip and having a satisfying burble.

Does anyone else find that as soon as you can afford a mod on your car something else happens to stake a claim on those funds?

Me? Almost every time.

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7 minutes ago, Tubbytommy said:

Get a better job or rich woman .. 

Loads of mods then:)

As much as I'd like to shack up with an heiress, I don't think that would ever happen  - I quite like my independence these days.

My job pays well and I'm effectively my own boss but child maintenance is a severe drain on funds - not sure how an heiress would feel about funding that either.

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